Iron marks: the effective way to treat them

Iron marks: here is an effective method to fix them!

Unfortunately, disasters happen, so if you have stained your clothes by ironing them, don’t beat yourself up about it!

There’s a fix for everything, especially if you follow this advice

When the laundry piles up and we are forced into a long ironing session, tiredness takes over and mistakes are right around the corner.

This inconvenience can be caused by too much steam pressure or the wrong temperature, water can leave halos when it comes out, leaving disagreeable marks that are difficult to get rid of: indeed, sometimes impossible, especially if they settle and aren’t treated at once.

Curious to find out how to do it? Let’s start!

Here’s how to fix iron marks!

When you happen to stain your clothes with iron, the most important thing is without a doubt to act rapidly. All right, but how? There are three methods to eliminate every trace: choose your favorite.

  • The first consists of creating a mixture of hot water and pH-balanced soap, soaking a clean sponge in the mixture, and rubbing it onto the compromised area, using light pressure. Let it dry completely. Now take a cotton tea towel soaked in vinegar and spread it on the stain as well. It will completely vanish without leaving a trace!
  • Try this alternative route: sprinkle the burned area with salt, then dampen a cloth in the juice of half a lemon and scrub energetically. Let this natural remedy sit for a good half-hour: the stain will be reduced and you can remove it easily.
  • Finally, a great classic: soaking! Immerse the piece of clothing in cold water for one day and one night. When 24 hours have gone by, dab a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the burned area and continue with traditional washing.

With few readily-available natural ingredients and simple steps, there won’t be a single trace of these disasters. Enjoy your work!

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