Ironing foil: the foolproof method that  promises wrinkle- free clothes every time

Aluminum foil is commonly used for food purposes, to wrap dishes and protect them from weather and bacteria, or to cook some baking recipes. Not everyone knows, however, that aluminum foil can also be used in other ways, with excellent results. The versatility of this metal is due to its high electrical conductivity and its ability to easily distribute heat. It may seem strange to many, but you can use aluminum foil for ironing by placing the foils on the ironing board, just below the cover sheet.

This surprising and unusual technique is not only very inexpensive, but also very fast, as it saves ironing time, achieving good results without too much effort.

Ironing foil, the foolproof method that removes creases in 3 seconds

To iron properly with aluminum foil, you just need to follow 3 simple steps: first, you need to cover the ironing board, under the protective sheet, with aluminum foil. For it to be really effective, you need to make sure that the reflective side is facing up. Finally, you need to cover the sheets with the ironing board’s protective cloth. Now you can start ironing normally.

Because of its good thermal conductivity, aluminum foil can easily and evenly distribute heat over the entire surface. The foil reflects the iron’s heat evenly under the garment, spreading it perfectly on both sides, quickly and without producing creases. Aluminum can amplify the power of an ordinary iron, achieving professional results in 3 minutes.

What about delicate garments? This technique will surprise you; here’s how.

In the case of particularly delicate garments that should not be ironed, you can still use this technique, but always with due care. The procedure is the same: you can then prepare the ironing board with aluminum foil along its entire length. You can then slide the iron a few inches over the clothes. Remember, it is important to iron without touching delicate garments directly with the hot iron. This way creases can be removed easily, without ruining the fabric.

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