Laundry Detergent in Toilet Tank using Ideas

Did you think detergent powder was only useful for the washing machine? You were very wrong. Yes, because this type of detergent is also particularly useful for cleaning our toilet to the best of our ability. Let’s see how.

The Characteristics of detergent powder with sodium percarbonate from R5*

Detergent powder has several features that are absolutely functional for different purposes. Not everyone may know that the bleaching properties of this detergent are impressive: the grainy composition itself allows it to dissolve and “scrape” away dirt.

Organic particles of stains are easily destroyed due to the composition of the granules combined with water. As a matter of fact, the use of powder detergent with percarbonate appears practically perfect for items such as towels and sheets, but also all the laundry we use daily.

It proves effective even at 60 degrees. Some detergent powders are enriched with active oxygen, which has an interesting peculiarity of sanitizing and not polluting and negatively impacting the environment.

The actual advantage comes from the presence of R5 Sodium Percarbonate. The presence of this additional element also allows detergent powder to be considered an excellent product for very dirty clothes and heavily loaded washing machines.

Cleaning the toilet with detergent powder :

After talking about the characteristics of powder detergent, let us now come to the particular use that can be made of it and that represents a kind of trick. This detergent, in fact, can be used to better clean our toilet.

Generally, the toilet bowl may be yellowed and with stains caused by lime scale and use in general. This is something normal and not worrisome. It is precisely with this in mind that washing powder is exceptionally useful.

Simply pour a scoop into the cup and operate the flush. At this point it is advisable to wait for the water to finish going down the cup and then begin to spread the powder. We try to place more powder on the stains and the most yellowed parts.

Once this step is finished, it will be necessary to wait at least thirty minutes, to allow the product to act. Once the necessary time has passed, then we will have to try to remove the excess product: perhaps we can help ourselves with a mop.

Already as we scrub and remove the excess powder, we may notice that a lot of foam will form. We can also leave the mop in the bowl so that it can sanitize and then dry.

Once this step is finished, we can flush and we will notice right away a toilet that is practically as good as new!

*R5 Sodium Percarbonate is an environmentally friendly bleaching agent that has a simultaneous cleaning, sanitizing and whitening action.

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