Laundry: If you do this every day, you save a lot of money

Laundry is one of our main obsessions, and in summer, particularly, the washing machine works assiduously to always give us immaculate and fragrant clothes.

The heat, in fact, forces us into constant changes. The most traditionalists among us divide clothes by color to ward off the dreaded Harlequin effect at the end of the wash.

Others rush to the supermarket to buy the famous color-saving sheets. Those who designed them have come up with a brilliant idea. These small rectangles of fabric, in fact, are able to attract the dye from garments which discolor during the cycle. But how much do they cost? They sell them at a high price. Yet making them with DIY, at a negligible expense is possible! Curious? Let’s get started!

Laundry: If you do this every day, you save a lot of money

For perfect laundry and less frequent washing, in short, to save on your electric bill while safeguarding the shine of your clothes, you need color-saving wipes. Making them at home is not only possible, but also super easy and costs very little!

All you need:

  • scissors,
  • airtight glass jar,
  • laundry soda,
  • hot water,
  • white cloth,
  • rubber or latex gloves,

Grab a white cotton cloth, perhaps an old, worn-out sheet, lining, light dishcloth. With scissors, cut out many rectangles. If you want, with a pencil and ruler, you can also prepare your guide by drawing them.

Heat enough water to fill ¾ of the jar. Insert 1 teaspoon of soda and stir well to dissolve it and make a smooth liquid.

Dip the fabric sheets into the solution, close with the cap and let them soak for about half an hour.

Put on your gloves and using tweezers, pick up the cloth rectangles one by one, transfer them to a bowl and then lay them outdoors to dry.

Here are your color-saving wipes ready to use, place one in the bottom of the basket, then load the colored cloths and start the wash. When finished, you will find them shiny and intact, spotlessly clean and smelling great!

Brilliant, isn’t it?

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