Lemon on the broom: the trick that leaves you speechless

In August, better not buy a new broom, try the lemon trick! The result is really magical!

Let us see what it is all about.

The bristles of one of the oldest and most widespread cleaning tools in history go through deterioration, hardening. They collect dirt that settles and, over time, impairs its functionality.

It would be best to take care of it constantly, removing the residue at the end of use and then storing it in a closet away from dust.

But what if that’s not enough? Here’s how to bring it back like new with this ingenious method!

Lemon on the broom: try it, you won’t believe your eyes

The broom is the instant solution for cleaning up the floors of the house, the terrace, the porch, the yard. But how much dust accumulates on its bristles, which harden over time and do not do their job properly.

To soften them in an instant, squeeze two or three lemons, by hand or with a juicer. Strain it and pour it into a small saucepan. Let it warm slightly and then use it to sprinkle on the broom. Let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing with water (under the faucet or with a hose on the patio or in the garden). Now let it air dry before using it. Then check closely, you won’t believe your eyes: the bristles are soft and efficient again, as good as new.

The use of lemon as a “magic antidote” for overtime cleaning doesn’t end there though!

If the toilet smells bad, pour its juice into the bowl and don’t flush for at least an hour. You will smell it!

Is the microwave all crusty? Put a bowl filled with water in the center, add the juice and zest of a lemon, and start it on full power for 5 minutes at most. The steam will coat the walls and make sure to dissolve grease, fat and other traces of food.

When cutting boards are dirty, try sprinkling them with salt, then rub half a lemon on and rinse. Repeat the operation until they are spotless, you’ll be done in no time.

The same goes for plastic containers: all you need to do is rub them with a sponge soaked in lemon juice, then leave it for fifteen minutes before rinsing to find them as if you just bought them.

And now that you know all the secrets to solving many small household inconveniences, all you have to do is squeeze a citrus fruit and get to work-it will be midsummer magic!

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