Missing Socks Theory: Why Do Socks Disappear in Laundry

It’s a strange phenomenon that has certainly happened to us before: the disappearance of a pair of socks after a machine wash. Perhaps it got lost on the way and simply hides in a corner of the house. Yes, apart from that, no matter how long you looked everywhere, it is nowhere to be found. Would it have been the washing machine itself that swallowed it? Come on, let’s be serious! However, there is a mystery in this story, isn’t there? No more suspense, a woman on YouTube just cleared it up. Find out where your famous lost socks are hiding!

This is where the lost socks are hiding

An American woman named Cathy Hinz finally discovered the rose pot and shared it on social media. No, the machine does not swallow the socks, but it is responsible for their disappearance. The mystery was solved when the young woman conducted a more thorough investigation. Seeing that a washer and dryer were not working properly, she got closer and eventually discovered everything the machine contained. Henceforth, dozens of socks came out of the washing machine, which, as some videos on YouTube show, could slip through a gap between the door and the drum.

Cathy Hinz revealed to the public the dark secret of the washing machine that apparently “ate” our socks! When her husband took apart the front of the washing machine, she was speechless. She never thought that one day she would see such a spectacle. Ironically, the young woman also found lost underwear, loose change and even a credit card.

But how did these socks end up here? This is due to a damaged seal that separates the drum from the rest of the washing machine. Installed in the laundry room, it had constant operating problems. Lucky coincidence, otherwise, it would never have been dismantled and we would never have been able to solve the mystery. So, now we understand that all the socks and other items were sucked into the “hole” of the seal during the washing cycles of the whirlpool. Previously stuck in the lower part of the device. Although it’s pretty rare, “it’s definitely possible,” as James Darmstadt, quality engineer at GE Appliances, admitted.

How do you keep your washing machine clean and ready to use?

To avoid these types of problems and maintain the performance of your washing machine, frequent cleaning is inevitable. Here are some tips to keep your washing machine very clean and odor free .

Avoid overloading the drum

As tempting as it may be to wash the same clothes, it is still a very bad idea. You thought you would save time and energy? On the contrary, you’re more likely to waste money. If you overload the drum, you not only prevent it from doing its job properly, but you even risk damaging certain components. Not to mention the probable disappearance of your socks! It’s important to leave room for good water circulation and for your clothes to move properly. If you overload the machine, the laundry won’t work as well as you’d like and you’ll have to re-wash your clothes. Therefore, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fan the drum

Very common mistake: almost all of us have the habit of closing the door immediately after taking off the freshly washed clothes. This is a mistake, because this is the best way to emphasize the effect of moisture. If you want to prevent the appearance of mold and bacteria, it is necessary to keep the door of the drum open to allow good ventilation. This will allow the drum to ventilate effectively and dry properly.

Clean detergent drawer

Remember to take out the detergent drawer every two months and rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Be sure to remove all deposits of detergent residues (especially powder), which are responsible for the formation of scale and lime. You will need to check from time to time to avoid dirt build-up that can affect the performance of your machine.

Clean the exterior

It’s also important to clean the exterior of your washing machine regularly with a neutral, non-abrasive detergent (or some mild dishwashing liquid) mixed with water. Use a cloth that has been wrung out well. Then dry the entire area with a soft cloth.

Clean the filter

Finally, depending on the model and age, you should also check the condition of the washing machine filter from time to time. It tends to accumulate debris and dirt residue that can clog it. If it has mold, yellow or greenish stains, clean it thoroughly with hot water and disinfect it with bleach. It’s still best to check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to clean the filter properly and how often.

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