Mosquito Traps, the best ever! Here’s how to make it

With the arrival of summer, unfortunately, also comes the infamous mosquitoes that often sting us so much and ruin a nice evening out with friends. There are many solutions on the market that you can use, whether for the skin or indoors or outdoors. But with this article we reveal that you can create a mosquito trap yourself that will attract them and no longer leave them free to fly away and solve this annoying problem.

Voted the best mosquito trap ever! Here’s how to make it

This is the bottle trick, which attracts mosquitoes inside and prevents them from harming you. Now you may wonder what it is all about. Well first you need to get a 1.5-liter plastic bottle or even better if you can find a 2-liter one. The rest of the necessities are warm water, sugar and brewer’s yeast (your choice whether loaf or sachet), black cardboard and tape.

How to proceed with the creation of the mosquito bottle:

The first thing you need to do is to cut the plastic bottle at a distance of about 5-10 cm from where it starts to shrink. Hold both pieces. Meanwhile, heat the water combined with the sugar and let it boil for about ten minutes. Then allow it to cool. At this point, you can pour the mixture into the bottom of the cut bottle.

Now add the brewer’s yeast as well, you can decide whether to use the whole loaf (in which case it is better to dissolve it first in a little warm water), just an ounce or the powdered version, putting the whole sachet. Try it and choose the one that suits you.

Now take the top part of the bottle (removing the cap) and put it inside the other upside down. Tape the two sides together to prevent the chemical reaction between the ingredients from coming out. Finally line the edges with dark cardboard.

Put it in the place you want it, and you will see that the fusion of water with sugar and brewer’s yeast, will trigger a chemical reaction such that it will generate a lot of carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes like so much. This will form at the bottom of the bottle and when the mosquitoes try to reach it, they will get stuck.

This mixture is good for two weeks then it must be replaced.

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