Most Efficient Way to Wash Dishes

What a struggle when the dishes are encrusted! By dint of scrubbing, we get tired and risk wearing out dishes, pots and pans, but to everything there is a solution! Today we’ll find out how to polish dishes and remove residue using an inexpensive and effective natural and DIY sponge!

Ingredients and process

Let’s first see what the ingredients are to prepare this fantastic natural sponge! These are things you definitely have on hand at home, and it is just two items, specifically:

  • Half a lemon (even lightly squeezed is fine)
  • Baking soda

The natural sponge is created by simply dipping half a lemon into a bowl containing a little baking soda. If you see that the baking soda does not adhere well to the lemon, it means that it has dried out, so you will have to cut a thin slice and do the process again. That’s it, you’ve got an extremely useful Grandma’s trick in the kitchen for perfect dishes! At this point, let’s look at how to use the sponge and all the ways it can be applied in our kitchen cleaning. It will be great not only because the dishes will come out clean, but also because it will spread a fantastic scent!

  • For steel

Steel is a predominant element in the kitchen, whether for sink and stovetop, pots, pans and whatnot. What you will need to do is moisten the steel with warm water and afterwards rub the natural sponge vigorously over it. Rinse thoroughly and you will see that the steel will have become shiny! To increase the effectiveness of this trick, you can also spray a little vinegar on the pots and pans so they will be even shinier!

  • For the dishes

Now let’s move on to the dishes, the ones that crust easily if they are not washed in a timely manner. Our natural sponge will be perfect here as well because it will degrease and scent the dishes in a few simple steps. You will first need to fill the sink basin with a drop of eco-friendly dish soap, then soak the dishes and wash them as you go with the natural sponge. Leave them like this until you have washed them all and then rinse with warm water. You will see that there will not be the slightest smell and they will be perfect!

  • Shiny glasses

Similar to dishes, the sponge is also great for getting shiny glasses in no time! The steps are the same as above for dishes, so you will need to fill the sink with hot water and dip the glasses in. Also add a drop of organic soap (not too much because the smell might remain on the dishes) and let them soak. One by one wash them with the natural sponge. It may be inconvenient to wash the inside of the glasses, so I recommend cutting the lemon in the center and putting the outline of the glass between the two sides. Rinse and there you go!

  • Against limescale

Very often annoying limescale stains are left on dishes that you need to send away immediately. And what better to use than the combination of lemon and baking soda? It will be perfect! So, all you have to do is put the sponge on the affected area and make circular motions, scrubbing thoroughly. Then rinse and you will see that it will be perfect!


Try the natural sponge on unseen corners first so as to make sure you don’t stain or damage the dishes. Wear gloves while using the sponge.

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