Natural and Cheap Home Remedies for Cleaning Limestone!

Limescale lurking in the shower is not only annoying, but also a symptom of compromised water supply. However, there is a viable remedy that in simple steps allows you to overcome the problem.

Stubborn limescale in the shower: don’t use chemical cleaners but use this!

Limescale is an agent that goes to affect various surfaces in the home, particularly this occurs where water flows with some frequency, so the shower is one of the ideal places where it can form. So many people resort to methods that in the long run constitute pollution problems and can cause discomfort to adults and children, I am talking about chemical products that used in the long run do more harm than good.

Is there, therefore, one or more perhaps natural alternatives?

Among the many natural remedies, today we present one capable of putting an end to limescale by going to remove it immediately and without causing any problems whatsoever to the health of those living at home.

Have you noticed that limescale immediately reforms? Solve the problem this way!

Often you do daily cleaning, sometimes you do seasonal cleaning so as to keep the home environment as livable as possible, but limescale is always there. Evidently even the products you use to prevent limescale from reforming do not do what they promise, otherwise such formation would not be so fast and constant.

So, choosing an immediate solution that is as natural and non-corrosive as possible is the best strategy to avoid these problematic accumulations. Limescale is caused by the hardness of water, which is composed of calcium and magnesium salts that in high amounts give rise to these formations in the shower. The more heat there is in the water, the greater the hardening of limescale that causes it to form a white patina. It is not only an aesthetic issue, limescale in fact creates scale, corrodes pipes and damages surfaces.

I anticipated that there is a foolproof method to remove limescale without affecting the well-being of the family in the long run, this remedy involves the use of citric acid. You can buy it online or in specialty stores.

To remove the annoying limescale from surfaces you need a few grams of it combined with an organic type of dishwashing detergent made with natural ingredients and adding distilled water.

But let’s see how to proceed:

  • Pour 10 ounces of distilled water into a spray container
  • Add 4 ounces of citric acid
  • Add 0.5 ounce of organic detergent
  • Shake the mixture after closing the spray container
  • Once the mixture is well dissolved you can spray it on the area affected by lime scale buildup
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse, you’re done!

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