Natural Homemade Laundry Bleach Alternative

Those who love natural remedies know that there are low-pollution, inexpensive alternatives for doing every household chore. Over the years, so-called “Grandma’s tricks” have been discovered even for household appliances and particularly in the washing machine with ingredients that used to be used for hand washing. To this day there is an inordinate use of bleach, but are we sure that this unsustainable product cannot be replaced? The answer is that there are many alternatives, let’s see together what to use instead of bleach in the washing machine!

  • Baking soda

The first alternative I cannot help but point you to is our dear baking soda! This fantastic ingredient was already used in the past by our grandmothers and that is why it also gives its best in the washing machine and has a bleaching property that is no less than bleach. So, all you have to do is use 1 scoop of baking soda and put it directly into the washing machine basket each time you wash. You can also use it to pre-treat stains and you will see what a wonderful result!

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Now let’s turn to hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient that is often underestimated in the home and is instead an invaluable aid!

Warning. The hydrogen peroxide you will need to use in this case is the 10-volume one, or 3%.

The bleaching property of this product is fantastic not only in the washing machine, but also for pre-treating stubborn stains. All you will have to do is put 2 tablespoons of the product in the washing machine at each wash and you will see what a wonderful result!

  • White vinegar

We cannot fail to mention white vinegar among the cheap and natural alternatives to bleach. Whichever type you prefer, vinegar will always make a great impression when used in the washing machine, so let’s see how to do it! You’ll simply need to put 1 scoop inside the drum or pre-treat stains on specific fabrics. It is also a great natural fabric softener, just pour 1 cup of vinegar with 1 teaspoon of essential oils of your choice into the appropriate tub and there you go!

  • Sodium percarbonate

Among the most effective and popular products in place of bleach we definitely find sodium percarbonate! In addition to the cleaning property that is to be counted among the best, there is also the bleaching property that make this product perfect for whites. To use it, all you have to do is put 1 scoop of percarbonate in the washing machine basket and then enjoy the fantastic result! As a reminder, sodium percarbonate should be used at a temperature of at least 104 °F degrees to work well.

  • Lemon juice

Those who have never used lemon juice in the washing machine might be skeptical to read about such a remedy, but we are talking about a little trick that is more widely used than it seems! In fact, lemon has many properties in common with vinegar and is great for bleaching and degreasing laundry, so why not choose it over bleach? You’ll need to put 2 tablespoons of well-filtered lemon juice in the detergent tub every time you wash your whites and there you go! You can, also, use it to pre-treat some stains along with a little fine salt.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Let’s conclude the alternative remedies to bleach in the washing machine with tea tree oil! It is not quite known as a product, but it has very interesting cleaning and antibacterial properties indicated in our case, then it smells wonderful! Use 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil together with 1 scoop of baking soda in the washing machine and see what a fantastic result!


Consult the washing labels before using the methods described in order to do a thorough washing.

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