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Natural Remedies to Eradicate Harmful Insects from Plants in the Garden

All you need to do to stop the attack of insects on your plants is to intervene at the right times and in the right ways. That is to say, it is good not to let them dry out, so it is better to water them often. If even in this way we are unable to curb the invasion it is good to use natural products, perfect when the attack is modest, less so in the case of an aggressive presence. In that case better to use, with caution, those of chemical origin. The present article reveals a few tricks that can help you to get rid of them.

In hot weather, they easily manage to settle on both decorative plants and those in our vegetable garden. If we want to safeguard their health and have organic products directly from our garden or terrace, it is necessary to protect them.


Present in the form of a colony, they are green or black insects and attack mainly the leaves, which tend to yellow and fall. Flowers and fruits are also not spared, the latter tending to grow irregularly and last a short time after harvest. The best way to rid the plant is to use natural ingredients to prepare garlic or onion infused insecticides that contain azadirachtin.

Whiteflies (aleuroids) :

They are named for their color and have large wings. Present mainly on vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants, they cause the same symptoms to the plant as aphids. Again, azadirachtin-based products also found in soybean oil should be used.

Bugs :

Bugs are highly visible insects also recognizable by their smell. They attack plants in various areas; leaves and fruits show many yellow dots. Difficult to eliminate, they can be eradicated with natural insecticides made from nettle, garlic, and nicotine. Sprayed on the plants early in the morning, when the bugs are not very active, they will eradicate the insects.

Mites :

They are among the most feared. Similar to tiny spiders, red or brown in color, they feed on the sap of leaves and tender parts of plants. They can be recognized because of the thin webs they form on the foliage, which is distinguished by yellowish or reddish dots. To prevent their proliferation, it is best to fertilize and water the plants. To eliminate them you should dilute in half a liter of water, two tablespoons of cayenne pepper and a few drops of any natural soap.

Cochineal :

Cochineal is an enemy to most flowers. It is capable of colonizing ornamental, succulent, house and garden plants and fruit trees. In the case of the mealybug, it can be detected easily because it creates a whitish discoloration on the leaves. To rid the plant of this insect, a widely used method is white oil, the substance sprayed on the leaves creates a patina that suffocates the pests. Another solution is to use preparations based on essential oils such as tea oil. Passed directly on the leaves, for several days in a row: they will create a hostile environment for the insect’s proliferation.


Lepidoptera can also cause damage to plants. They are butterfly larvae that are deposited under leaves or on stems. These feed on the plant material, causing the affected plants to decay. To eliminate them, it is best to remove the larvae manually, use antagonistic insects such as bacteria, or use biological insecticides such as neem oil.

Products to eliminate insects from plants :

  • Neem oil
  • Pyrethrum
  • Nettle-based insecticide
  • Neem oil spray

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