Nivea on your hair, you will say goodbye to shampoo and conditioner!

Raise your hand if you don’t have a package of Nivea in your house? The answer is surely no one

This cream has been a must have since 1911! Yes, you read that right! At the beginning of the last century, in Germany, entrepreneur Oskar Troplowitz, head of Beiersdorf, made the first stable water-in-oil emulsion, as white as snow, hence: NIVEA.

Since then, the brand has come a long way, diversifying, but the sky-blue tin can and that creamy, thick formulation remain in the Olympus of the beauty case. Useful for rehydrating the skin of the hands, the driest areas of the face and body, it also proves invaluable on the hair.

Curious to learn more about it?

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Nivea on your hair, say goodbye to shampoo and conditioner!

In summer, hair health is put to a hard, hard test by chlorine, salt, sun and wind.

Dry, dull, stale, appearing tried by excessive heat. Remedy is possible, always, but not all of us have the opportunity to go to the hairdresser, if we are on vacation then, we do not trust the first beauty salon we come across, but we want to rely on the care of our trusted hairstylist.

Here, then, we look for products useful for our purpose in supermarkets: spray oil, heat protectant, beauty masks, wraps, we are spoiled for choice. Only once we get home, we often find that the initial promises have not been fulfilled. In short, we have spent big bucks unnecessarily, especially when you consider that in your beauty case you already have what you need to give your hair a new glow: NIVEA.

Apply it like this: spread it from roots to ends, particularly insisting on the most compromised strands. Gather your hair into a bun and wrap it in a soft cloth. The heat developed by the scalp will activate the emollient factors of the cream, which will act deeply.

Leave it on for about half an hour, then rinse the nape of the hair and do the style using a cold blow dryer. High temperatures wear out the hair shafts, so avoid using them as much as possible, especially in summer. Easy, right? An alternative but highly effective method to bring back shine and radiance to your hair!




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