Onion in the shampoo: Some hairdressers’ trick that no one knows!

Taking care of one’s hair is essential. It is a part of the body that is often underestimated, but it needs special attention. However, you do not necessarily have to take advantage only of chemical products to do so: there is a little trick that consists in using onion in shampoo, which allows you to get spectacular hair. Let’s see in detail.

Onion in shampoo: the trick

Maintaining a thick head of hair is often very difficult, especially in places where pollution dominates. Grandma’s old remedies, however, can come to the rescue. In this regard, one can resort to using onion in shampoo.

Having thick hair is not only a matter of aesthetics, but harks back to an ancient folk belief that people with perfectly groomed hair were healthier than others. Even, in the past, it was a sign of fertility and charm. But how to best use onion on hair?

Simply insert the vegetable directly into the bottle of the shampoo we use. It might sound like a crazy idea to you, but once you use it at least once you will notice the amazing result. Regardless of the type of hair, whether by length or quality, the onion manages to be a real panacea.

Think about the fact that it is able to accelerate hair growth, taking advantage of quercetin, but also collagen. What’s more, it counteracts hair loss and combats the presence of excess sebum and dandruff. But let’s see in the practical act the exact procedure.


Let us see, however, in the practical act how to proceed. First, we should remember that it would be better to test the product on a part of the body: in this way, we could avoid incurring serious problems related to allergies. Only by testing on a small part of the body we will avoid more serious problems.

That said, let’s cut up an onion and place the various pieces in any shampoo bottle. We close the bottle and shake well. To get the mixture to mix well, we leave it about 15 minutes in a cool, dry place.

At that point, we test our alternative shampoo by applying it to an area of the body. Should we find no allergy or discomfort, we proceed by applying the shampoo to the hair and massage in a circular motion. Eventually, we will notice the difference right away: our hair will appear thick and shiny! The procedure can be repeated several times during the following weeks.

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