Orchids: the easiest specimens to grow indoors

Orchids are undoubtedly flowers that fill several places in our homes with their presence. If you love this flower, but you are a beginner in cultivation, you can choose easy-to-care-for specimens that require only a few small steps to give you spectacular and long-lasting blooms.

A very easy specimen to grow in an apartment is undoubtedly the Spider orchid. Its characteristic feature is precisely the shape of its flower, whose petals resemble the legs of the spider, which, however, is characterized by multiple and very distinctive colors. Undoubtedly, if you are an orchid lover, you must have at least one plant in your house.

This type of orchid loves direct light and boasts of releasing a pleasant spicy scent into the air. In one season, it produces two or three green, layered leaves. Then there is another orchid species that is easy to grow indoors. It is the one nicknamed Venus Slipper, because of its very shape. It likes indirect light and its leaves have the characteristic of being green, long and spotted.

A third orchid species that you can easily grow indoors is the one called Ballerina. This particular plant likes to live with indirect light and does not like too high temperatures. It produces long stems from which its beautiful flowers sprout. It is so particular that it boasts the characteristic of being able to add a touch of originality to the house.

In any case and whatever orchid you decide to grow, like any flower, it requires love and dedication. It loves to be pampered and watered in the right way, without excess and without overdoing the dry periods. In short, it only asks to have a place of consideration and to be properly nurtured. In return, this plant will give you serenity and magnificent flowers.

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