Potato milk, aren’t you curious to try it?

Potato milk, the new eco-friendly drink, arrives in our supermarkets. Here are all the interesting facts, its benefits and contraindications.

The name alone intrigues the whole world, but potato milk is now an established reality. This new plant-based drink comes from Sweden and promises to become one of the biggest food trends of 2022. It is an even more environmentally friendly drink full of benefits for the body, serving as a viable replacement for common cow’s milk. Being completely plant-based, it is great for those who follow a particular vegan diet or, simply, suffer from intolerances.

Potato milk: what is it and why buy it?

This plant-based drink has been around since 2017 in Sweden. In this year, researcher Eva Tornberg theorized the right formula behind it. The recipe involves mixing simple potatoes with canola oil, and only by heating and cooking this mixture can a nutritious plant milk be obtained.


This drink has proven to be even more environmentally friendly, compared to cow’s milk and other vegetable drinks. Its environmental impact is considerably less, because potato production takes up about half of the arable land on Earth. It also requires significantly less water, compared to growing almonds or other grains.


Currently, this vegetable drink is marketed only in Sweden. On the shelves, it can be found under the name DUG. Gradually, however, it is beginning to spread to bars in the United Kingdom as well. Given that potato production is widespread, we imagine that we will not have to wait long, to see it on the shelves of our supermarkets as well.


Benefits and contraindications of potato milk

The main beneficial aspect of this drink is that of the total absence of allergens in it. It is gluten-free and lactose-free and may not contain traces of nuts. What characterizes it is a neutral flavor, which allows it to be consumed on its own, and still makes it a worthy substitute for ordinary milk or its plant-based versions.


Other beneficial properties contained in this vegetable milk made from potatoes, are vitamins D and B12. Its formula also includes a fair amount of folic acid, which is especially useful for pregnant women. Also very important is the presence of pea protein and maltodextrin, a complex, water-soluble carbohydrate.


Nutritionally, DUG provides no obvious contraindications. The amount of sugar in the potato is also lower than in cereals, so the glycaemic contribution is lower. However, this drink contains few calories and, if made at home, may be even less nutritious. In addition, you have to choose the nearest manufacturing company so that its environmental impact is really minimal.

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