Purslane plant: Nutrition facts and Health benefits

This is not a weed, it’s a plant with endless properties, but if you don’t know this one, you rip it out and miss out on all its benefits.

What it’s all about. It is about purslane, although its look can be deceiving, it is not a weed, but has been growing wild since the dawn of time. Just think that the ancient Egyptians already knew its virtues and consumed it in quantity. It was also considered a kind of medicine against vomiting, diarrhea, hemorrhoids and bleeding. Its leaves provide relief from mosquito bites and cure acne and eczema when laid on the affected area.

It is very difficult to grow, however, easily recognized. Do not waste the opportunity to enjoy its nutritional richness and consume it in salads, along with other seasonal vegetables. Use it to make a light fritter, an aromatic soup, or to stuff ravioli. It is excellent cooked or raw.

There is a lot of talk about healthy eating, prevention, synergies with nature! Then, one cannot ignore the inherent qualities of purslane: one pound of these leaflets contains 0,012 oz of α-linolenic acid, belonging to the omega-3 group.

Thanks to its polyunsaturated fatty acids, it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, cleans the arteries by containing cholesterol and triglyceride values, and promotes good blood circulation.

But that’s not all!

It fights diabetes, lowers glucose, gives skin elasticity by providing a good dose of antioxidants, supports the gastrointestinal system by aiding digestion, cleanses the liver and kidneys, replenishes minerals lost through sweating, and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

To enjoy this concentrate of virtues, all you have to do is pick it wherever you recognize it and add it to your recipes, even at breakfast, why not in the bowl with cereal and fresh fruit.

You will get your fill of vitamins and minerals!

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