Quick and Easy Clogged Drain Home Remedies

You are washing dishes in your kitchen sink and notice that the water has difficulty flowing and tends to accumulate in the sink bowl. How many times has this happened to you? I imagine often! The cause of this can be found in clogged drains due to the accumulation of food residue or lime scale blocks. Fortunately, however, it is possible to clear them quickly by resorting to home and natural remedies. Let’s see them together!

Vinegar and baking soda

One of the most popular remedies starting with our grandmothers to solve this domestic task involves the combination of two ingredients: vinegar and baking soda, which act as natural descalers and limestone removers. Add, then, a cup of baking soda to the drain and wait a few seconds before pouring, then, a cup of vinegar. Instantly, you will hear fizzing due to the contact between the two ingredients, which will give rise to an effervescent chemical reaction that can clear the drain. Finally, all you have to do is pour in some very hot water to further clear the drain of all residues.

Citric acid

As an alternative to vinegar, you can use citric acid, which is more environmentally friendly while being equally effective. Thanks to its anti-scale properties, in fact, this product is a godsend for thoroughly cleaning appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine! All you need to do, then, is to dissolve 5 ounces of citric acid in a 1 quart of boiling water and pour, then, the resulting mixture down the drain. After that, leave it to act for a few hours or an entire night without opening the faucets, and you’re done!

Salt and baking soda

Another winning combination is that of salt and baking soda, both of which have an anti-scale function! Not surprisingly, salt can also be used in the washing machine to solve various problems! All you need to do is bring 1 quart of water to a boil in a pot and fill, then, a glass half with salt and half with baking soda.  Start, then, by pouring the contents of the glass down the drain, wait, then, a few seconds for the mixture to go down, after which pour the boiling water: your sink will be free again!

Laundry soda

If with the remedies seen so far you have not been able to solve the problem of your clogged sink, then we suggest another ingredient: laundry soda, also called Solvay soda or sodium carbonate. Pour, then, 4 tablespoons of laundry soda down the drain and add, then, 1 quart of boiling water. At this point, leave it to work and after a while you can say goodbye clogged sink!

N.B. We recommend that you do not confuse laundry soda with caustic soda (the kind used to make soap), which serves other purposes and should be handled with extreme caution!

Carbonated soft drinks

Does this sound too good to be true? Yet it sure seems to work! What are we talking about? Of carbonated soft drinks, which, with their “fizzy” power, come to our rescue to clear the drains of kitchen sinks.

Therefore, equip yourself with a bottle or can containing these sodas, after which pour their contents down the drain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then turn on the hot water and rinse. We recommend using this remedy periodically as a remedy to prevent clogged drains.

Brewer’s yeast

Finally, another home remedy that is easy and straightforward to try is to use brewer’s yeast, which is especially effective in removing odors that tend to form in clogged drains. Not surprisingly, you can also use it to remove the stench from the toilet drain! So, in a small saucepan, bring one cup of water to a boil and then add a small piece of brewer’s yeast inside it until it dissolves. Finally, pour the resulting mixture down the drain and leave it overnight. The next day you will notice that the drain will be clear, and the flow of water will be restored!

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