Red dots on your child’s skin: what are they and how to relieve symptoms?

Chickenpox is a viral infection that causes itching and flu-like symptoms

If your little one contracts chickenpox, treatment involves managing the symptoms until the body fights off the infection. So, here are some child-friendly remedies that can help him or her feel better until the immune system eradicates the virus. The course, normally, is a week or so. In the case of high fever, consider with the pediatrician the use of antifebrile medications (caution not to use those with acetylsalicylics such as aspirin).

8 Remedies for chickenpox itching in children

Bathing in oat or rice starch

Oat or rice starch baths can be soothing for chickenpox. Bathing will not spread chickenpox from one area of the skin to another.

Have them wear gloves to avoid scratching

Scratching the blisters may be tempting, but it can worsen discomfort and expose the skin to infection.

To avoid the temptation to scratch at night or during naptime, put soft gloves on your child’s hands. Trim your child’s nails so that they do not damage the affected areas.

Take baths with baking soda

Another option that relieves itching is to add baking soda to the bath water. Add one cup of baking soda to the tub then give it a 15- to 20-minute bath. Your child can take up to three baths a day if he or she finds this approach relaxing.

Use chamomile tea

Chamomile has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects when applied to the skin. Brew a tea with two or three chamomile tea bags. Let it cool and put them in the tub for a warm bath.

and you do not opt for the hot bath soak some cotton or washcloths in the tea, and apply them to the itchy areas of the skin. When you have finished applying the compresses, gently pat the skin dry.

No to temperature changes

You need to prevent the baby from sweating thus increasing the itching sensation.

Use lightweight clothing

Prefer natural, hypoallergenic fabrics and cotton to prevent them from rubbing against the pustules and increasing the desire to scratch.

Make sure he is always hydrated

Make him drink plenty of water and prepare juices and centrifuges to fill him up with vitamin C;

Serve him popsicles

Chickenpox can also appear inside the mouth. This can be particularly painful.

Encouraging your child to suck on sugar-free popsicles can be a good way to soothe mouth sores.

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