Reusing Tea Bags: You’ll need them to solve a very annoying problem

 Do you know what two tea bags do in the refrigerator? I’ll reveal a magic trick: this is how you will solve an annoying and very common problem!

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. It is used in any context and is liked for its delicacy in taste and the possibility of combining it with many other flavors while always maintaining its typical lightness.

Consumed as a relaxing and emollient hot drink, or cold as a thirst-quenching and refreshing beverage, tea is offered in so many variations nowadays and offered in various nations. One of the most famous places where it is consumed is in England with its “five o’clock tea” becoming in fact an identifying national custom of those people. The drink is made from the infusion of leaves of “Camellia sinensis.” A plant native to East Asia that has special stimulating properties, as well as the addition of spices and herbs. There are records of this special drink regarding its consumption from the 3rd century AD. It was consumed mainly in China for ritual or therapeutic purposes.

Well, tea has within it a molecule called “caffeine,” an alkaloid that is also and especially present in coffee and therefore provides similar effects to those who take it (it releases a certain stimulating effect). To this day such infusion is used as a beverage, yet would you believe that you could use it for purposes other than food? I can already anticipate that you only need to put two tea bags in the refrigerator and the result will be extraordinary. Are you ready to find out?

With this trick you can use tea to solve an annoying problem: first, however, put two tea bags in the refrigerator

It may sound strange, but tea can be used to counteract. Dark circles under the eyes! Well, these can originate as a result of excessive stress, accumulation of sleep during the previous days or even the intake of a high amount of caffeine. So, I will show you a method to counteract them with this “miracle” drink.

After preparing the brew, let’s not throw away the tea bags but keep them in the refrigerator and let them sit for a few hours so that they become completely cold taking on the temperature of the refrigerator itself. Let’s wipe with lukewarm water from the lower eyelids of the eyes to the height of the cheekbones. Having done this, we proceed to gently lay the sachets down and leave them on for a time of about 20 minutes. To intensify the effect, it would be preferable to do this completely lying down to prevent the sachets from falling off and to promote relaxation of the affected area. After the necessary time is over, remove the sachets and make sure to clean the eyes properly as prolonged time may slightly stain the skin. The beneficial effect produced by the tea will be evident as it will contribute to a decrease in dark circles and their gradual discoloration, significantly improving the situation. Just try it! You won’t regret it!

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