Save Energy When Cooking with Your Oven

To cope with saving money in the home, various strategies are adopted such as designated times for appliances, gas tricks and so on. However, it is often good to know which methods to use according to the appliance you use. Today we will look at the oven and see together how to use it properly to save on your utility bill and not have too high costs.

  • Closed door

The first rule to consider is to have the door closed! While preparing dishes, it is a very common habit to constantly open the oven door to check the condition. My advice is to calculate the cooking time well so that you open the door 2 times maximum, otherwise the oven will take time to restore its initial temperature wasting energy or gas (depending on the type of appliance you own). It is also more suitable precisely for the success of dishes and especially desserts to avoid continually opening the door.

  • How to preheat

In addition to not opening the door there is also a need to know how to properly preheat the oven. This might seem to be a step to be underestimated, but in fact people often turn on the oven as much as half an hour before baking dishes. Nothing could be more wrong! Doing so wastes energy or gas unnecessarily because it only takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the appliance. So, remember to turn it on just before and turn it off a little before the end of cooking, leaving the food inside so that the internal heat can finish cooking everything.

  • Thorough cleaning

Another very important factor in saving money with the oven is to do a thorough cleaning. Let’s face it, cleaning this appliance is not exactly the most fun thing to do, however, it is essential for the purposes of not only saving money, but also proper operation. A dirty oven will take twice as much effort to perform all its functions well, and energy or gas will be wasted as a result. So, at least once a month and if you use it repeatedly, do a thorough cleaning by removing all the encrustation from the walls and glass.

  • Food preparation

Another tip that people don’t always think about concerns food preparation itself. People often start cooking under the oven long before dinner because they have to put in several dishes. Instead, it would be preferable to put several trays with more food to be cooked on the different shelves of the oven and then reverse them in the course of cooking, giving priority to the uncooked ones. Doing so will save time and result in a less salty bill!

  • Electric alternative

Finally, I will give you a suggestion to implement especially if you have to buy a new oven. The electric oven alternative is a choice that many people are taking, tired of the excessively high bills that come from gas ovens. As of today, new technologies allow you to have electric ovens that perform very well and save significantly in a whole year. Also, even if you have a gas oven, but perhaps own electric ovens, check first that food can be cooked there.

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