Saving Water Tips, Three Best Tricks to Save the Planet

Water is a common and precious commodity which is unfortunately still too often taken for granted. For this reason, it is necessary for each of us to become aware of its preciousness, making concrete efforts to avoid unnecessary waste and leakage. Saving water can and should be easy, even in summer, when the weather is generally warmer. That’s why, this article is dedicated to give you three short tips to be more careful in your daily activities, during which you consume much more water than necessary.

Keep the faucet running only if necessary

During daily actions such as shaving your beard, brushing your teeth or soaping your hands, it is good to turn off the faucet. In fact, a bad habit is to let the water run without using it.

N.B.: This simple expedient will save you at least 6 liters of water every minute! The same applies, of course, to showering. As a matter of  fact, one should first soap up and then later rinse off. It is also obviously to be preferred to bathing, which involves four times as much water consumption as showering!

How to do the dishwasher or washing machine

Another good habit to save water and reduce its consumption (up to 8,200 liters per year) is to do the washing only once, one’s washing machine or dishwasher is full! As for the latter, it is useless to rinse dishes, cutlery, pots, containers and glasses before putting them in the dishwasher. In fact, there are two alternatives: wash everything by hand, making sure to turn off the faucet when not necessary, or give the dishes a general wipe-down with a simple sheet of kitchen paper before running the dishwasher. This way you will also not run the risk of clogging the drain and finding the tableware unclean!

Don’t waste leftover water

Good thing is to use water already used for other purposes. For example, to water the vegetable garden, plants or flowers in one’s garden, one can use the water from the basin in which vegetables were previously “soaked.” Another option would be to collect rainwater or use water from air conditioners or dehumidifiers. Also, if you have a goldfish at home, you can retrieve the water removed from its tank. Great for vegetation as it is rich in fertilizing substances! This way, in addition to saving water, you will see your garden grow as lush as ever.

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