Say Goodbye to Bleach to your Washing machine

When we wash clothes in the washing machine, we usually expect to get perfect, fragrant and properly stain-free clothes. Often to achieve these results we use laundry bleach, which is precisely used to remove stains and in some cases also to make clothes shinier.

Using bleach is effective, but still a chemical. It often and frequently damages the fibers of garments, and for this reason it is not much loved by those who often engage in machine washing.

The good news, however, is that a totally natural product can be used instead. Let’s see what it is!

Washing machine: you can say goodbye to bleach, find out how!

Vinegar in the washing machine: here’s why

Using vinegar in the washing machine instead of the usual bleach or detergent is not only an environmentally friendly choice but also a much cheaper one. In fact, vinegar can be found in any supermarket at very affordable prices indeed.

But why use it to do laundry? First, it should be noted that vinegar has the ability to revive colors: just half a cup of it on the clothes before putting them in the drum and that’s it! The colors will be protected by it and there will be no soap residue.

In addition to this, vinegar has the ability to act as a fabric softener. You can use it during the rinse cycle and it will result in very soft laundry, even softer than when using chemical fabric softeners such as those normally on the market.

But that’s not enough. In fact, vinegar can also bleach light-colored clothes, making them bright and eliminating possible stains. Just add half a cup during the rinse cycle with white clothes only.

Bad odors and stains

Vinegar is also a great product to use in the washing machine because it can eliminate bad odors and stains. In the former case, for example with mold and smoke, with half a cup during the rinse cycle the laundry will come out fresh and fragrant.

As for stains, on the other hand, just use vinegar for pre-treatment. We can spray it on the stains with a sprayer before doing the specific washing in the washing machine. Tough stains such as wine or coffee stains will be able to come out more easily. Just leave it on for about 10 minutes before washing it off.

Cleaning the washing machine

But that’s not enough. In fact, vinegar can also prove useful in cleaning the washing machine. We know that limescale and other dirt residues often accumulate of there, which can also lead to breakdowns. Using vinegar in the detergent basket once a month can extend the life of our precious household appliance.

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