Simple Methods for Cleaning Costume Jewelry

Who doesn’t own at least one piece of costume jewelry that they love to show off every day or on special occasions? It is safe to say that in some cases rings, necklaces, bracelets and whatnot fill drawers and closets! However, even if we take good care of them, it happens that with the passage of time black stains can form that go to ruin the object a bit. In this regard, today we will see together how to refurbish it using just a bowl!

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is the first element referred to when talking about blackened costume jewelry. In fact, this natural element has an abrasive and antioxidant action that detaches even the blackest stains from the item in no time. All you will need to do is put 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda in the bowl and mix it with some water until it reaches the consistency of a gel. Then soak the items inside, checking that they are completely covered with the mixture of water and baking soda. Leave it overnight, the next day rinse and dry with a woolen cloth, the result will be amazing!

  • Bar soap

Right after baking soda we can definitely rely on soap! Delicate and fragrant, this type of soap is fantastic for giving new life to blackened jewelry, and now we will see right away how to use it. Simply fill a bowl with warm water and dissolve 1 tablespoon of grated soap inside. Soak the objects to be treated and leave them for at least 5 hours, then rinse under running water and dry with a woolen cloth.

  • Yellow soap

Perhaps not everyone knows that yellow soap is also perfect for making costume jewelry items shiny again! It is, in fact, an old Grandmother’s remedy still widely used today. Moreover, all you will need to use is a small ball of product! So, take it and rub it with your hands all over the objects to be treated, then soak in a bowl with lukewarm water and leave it overnight. The next day go and rinse well to remove any soap residue and wipe dry, you will see that they will be perfect again!

  • White vinegar

White vinegar is also part of the ideal ingredients to add shine to blackened costume jewelry. We are talking, in fact, about a natural element also used to clean the whole house and remove stubborn stains from every corner! Use it by putting half a glass of it in the bowl and adding a glass of water, then soak the costume jewelry and leave it overnight. When you go to rinse and dry, the items will be as good as new!

  • Lemon juice

It is also very common to find lemon juice among the most suitable remedies for our case. In fact, its acidity is able to dissolve the most stubborn oxidation giving new luster to costume jewelry, so why not use it? All it will take is to press the juice of 1 large lemon into a bowl and add half a glass of water, then you will have to soak the objects. Let it soak overnight and then continue by rinsing and drying.

Cleaning mix

My last tip for your costume jewelry is a cleaning mix to put in the bowl that will give you a fantastic result! So, take the bowl and pour inside 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of soap flakes. Mix to make a single mixture and afterwards soak the items overnight. Go and wipe with a microfiber cloth if you see some oxidation remaining and rinse. Black stains will be just a distant memory!


Always consult any washing instructions before using the remedies.

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