Our personal closet is a piece of furniture that we guard so carefully since it contains our clothing and personal items. Over time, however, you may be at risk of experiencing bad odors that are generated by various factors such as moisture, dust accumulation or something we didn’t notice that doesn’t smell good. If you too have experienced this kind of little problem, don’t worry! Just use some simple but very effective methods that I will explain to you today step by step!

Thorough cleaning

The first thing to do to say goodbye to any kind of bad smell is to do a thorough cleaning! Let’s see, then, which natural ingredients are best to make closet washing effective and fast.

  • Organic soap

Organic soap is always recommended when you need to wash both the inside and the outside of closets because it can degrease thoroughly while leaving a fantastic scent! So, dampen a soft sponge with warm water and pour a few drops of soap or flakes over it. Rub vigorously all over the walls of the closet so as to remove any encrusted dust and various stains. Rinse with a microfiber cloth and there you go!

  • White vinegar

As an alternative to soap, you can use white vinegar, always a very effective choice! Not only will vinegar help clean thoroughly, but it quickly neutralizes even the most stubborn odors. If you don’t like the smell, you can use Organic soap, however, just leave the doors open for a few minutes and the vinegar smell will fade away in no time. So, pour a few drops of vinegar directly onto a microfiber cloth and wipe the inside of the closet, then rinse the cloth, wring it out and dry. Goodbye stink!

  • Baking soda

As a final remedy, I cannot help but recommend the star of natural remedies, baking soda! Fantastic in virtually every corner of the house, it will be great for degreasing away dust, dirt and removing bad smells from the closet. You will need to make a thick paste with baking soda and water flush until you get a gel-like consistency. Use the latter on the soft sponge to degrease the closet and then rinse. The closet will be new again!

  • Grandma’s Trick

Once you have finished thoroughly washing the closet, let’s take a look together at a Grandma’s trick to counteract bad odors! You will simply have to get newspaper sheets! Well, yes, newspaper paper is great for sucking up especially the smell of moisture, which is why I recommend that you place the sheets at the bottom of the closet before putting back clothes and various items.


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