Storing Fruit without Refrigeration : find out how!

Storing fruit for a long time is not an impossible task, and it can be done even without a refrigerator. The current article shows you how.

With a few simple moves we can seal and keep fresh all that fruit that can be placed in glass jars. It should be remembered that once placed in the jars these should be stored in a dry place and at a temperature not exceeding 64,4 F°.

The first thing is to get glass jars with a capacity of one and a half liters. The next move is to get a pot full of water and bring it to a boil.

In the meantime, we clean the fruit we want to preserve by removing leaves and petioles. Then it will need to be washed and rinsed no less than three or four times, after which it should be dried carefully.

At this point, we need to arrange the fruit in glass jars and then pour hot water over it. After filling the jars to the brim, they are set aside for about ten minutes. On each jar the corresponding lid should be placed, but without closing it.

After the necessary time has passed, we pour the water from the jars into a pot and boil it one more time. We then pour two tablespoons of sugar over the fruit and then decant the water back into the jars after it has boiled.

Closing the jars and storing the fruit :

With a ladle we pour the water into the jars, but taking care to leave a free margin near the rim, after which we seal everything tightly.

All that remains at this point is to wrap our glass jars in two towels and then set them aside. After that they are put to cool at room temperature for at least a full day.

If we have done everything right, our jarred fruit should keep for at least a year.

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