Sun-hardened beach towels: this will make them super soft!

What could be better than spending a nice day at the beach in total relaxation? Yes, but when you get home, you have to deal not only with the sand that gets everywhere, but also with the effects of the sun and salt spray on your swimsuit and beach towels. The latter can become rough, dry and hard. What to do to make our beach towels come back nice and soft and fresh as before? Below is a set of tips that can answer this question.

Sun-hardened beach towels: this is how they will become super soft!

With vinegar!

Vinegar has been used for centuries to stain and disinfect laundry. Just a couple of teaspoons of it, cold or in the washing machine tub, and you’re done.

Baking soda

One of the many uses of baking soda has to do precisely with its ability to soften laundry-all to do with its abrasive action.

Just add a tablespoon of baking soda to the washing machine tub into which you pour detergent and then start the wash in the usual way. Watch out for temperatures: if the towels are colored, the temperature should not exceed 104 °F.

Chamomile for hardened beach towels

For our sun-dried beach towels, we can also use chamomile. In fact, chamomile is able to make the fibers relax and soften the clothing.

Just prepare the chamomile as usual, but in copious amounts. Then, it is allowed to cool and we can soak our beach towels in it for a 10 minutes. After that, we wring them out and lay them out of direct sunlight.

Citric acid

Citric acid is an excellent natural fabric softener. We dissolve 150/200 grams of it in a basin with a liter of water at least and then soak the cloths in it for a few hours. The result will surprise you!

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