Super Easy and Effective Ways to Polish Marble Floor

Marble is a beautiful, majestic material that is always pleasing to the eye in any environment! It must be said, however, that taking care of it is quite complicated because it is extremely delicate and in a nothing can get dirty. Today we will see together some very effective methods to polish marble and always have it perfect!

To avoid mistakes

We have just mentioned how delicate a material like marble is and how, consequently, you need to treat it with extreme care. In this regard, it is most important to see what to do to avoid mistakes and not risk staining it. It is of paramount importance never to use aggressive substances such as acid-based ones. Remember vinegar, lemon or citric acid among them. Avoid detergents that are chemical and harmful to both the environment and the marble such as anti-scale products, bleach, and so on.

Goodbye dust

Once we have seen the things to absolutely avoid on marble, let’s start our thorough cleaning so that we have it perfect. The first important thing to do is to say goodbye to dust so as to do most of the cleaning. To do this I highly recommend using dust catchers or a well wrung microfiber cloth. With other types of rags, dust is only likely to move from one place to another without being retained on the fabric. Use plain water to wring out the cloth without putting any product on top. Once this step is done, let’s see how to thoroughly wash the marble!

Organic soap

Organic soap is an excellent ally for this material because it degreases it thoroughly without the risk of staining or ruining it. You will simply need to fill a bucket with lukewarm water and pour 1 tablespoon of Organic soap flakes inside (it’s fine even if you have liquid). Dip a soft sponge into the solution and gently run it over the marble making circular motions. Then wipe with a microfiber cloth and remove any drops of water with a well-dried cotton cloth.

Baking soda

Now let’s move on to baking soda, another friend of this type of material that will give you no trouble whatsoever.


It is important to remember that both organic soap and baking soda need to be diluted in water to be used and never put directly on marble.

Well, you will need to fill a bucket always with warm water and put 1½ tablespoons of baking soda inside. The cleaning action of this product will restore all the beauty of the marble by removing the patina of dirt and dust and polishing it for good. Did you know. You can also use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of Organic soap to have a natural cleaner to use on marble!

For polishing

Finally, let’s look at a Grandmother’s method to polish marble like never before! It simply involves putting a wool cloth on the broom and wiping it vigorously on the marble only when it is well dry. Doing so will keep it shiny for a long time and you can use it whenever you want, even if you only need to remove dust without washing.


I remind you to try the remedies first in unseen corners so you can make sure you don’t stain or damage the material.

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