Supermarket, it’s alert: Supplies are running out!

Some supermarket shelves are empty. Inflation and supply chain problems persist, making some products in the country more expensive and hard to get. Food prices have risen, some as much as 50 percent higher than the previous year.

Supermarket, it’s alert: soon you’ll be paying double for these 4 foods!

The alert has gone off in supermarkets: it will be increasingly difficult to find some foods that we consume even every day. There are foods that we will find even if in smaller quantities and others that will not disappear from the shelves, but the price of these products will rise sharply.

Sunflower seed oil :

The sector that has seen a sharp rise in price in recent months is agribusiness. One of the hardest-to-find and hardest-hit commodities is sunflower seed oil. Food companies that until recently used sunflower oil are trying to do without by replacing it with other types of vegetable oils, changing recipes and even product labeling.

Cereals :

Another product at risk until the end of 2022 are grains especially corn, but also rye, millet, salt, sugar, and meat, according to Reuters. For these latter foods there will be before the depletion, the increase in prices of available stocks. This will happen especially if other countries cannot be found for export.

Coop Alliance warns that the risks are considerable and this could spill over to other food products. “We are in the crucial weeks for the planning of the processing tomato crop, and the risk is that many producers may choose to focus on other products such as corn, sorghum, sunflower and soybeans, which will have to be sown soon and which were, until now, the subject of significant inflows from Russia, Ukraine and Hungary. These crops may from now on be particularly attractive because of the high prices achieved. The risk of a radical change in production choices is real.”

Sparkling water :

Another product increasingly at risk is sparkling water due to lack of CO2. There are already many companies that have stopped production of sparkling water. But the problem affects all companies that produce sparkling water and carbonated drinks. If the lack of CO2 persists, it is easy for the stocks available from the companies to run out within a short time.

 Fish :

As for the seafood sector, Italian fishing boats have been at a standstill for weeks now. This sector is also in great difficulty because of rising fuel prices, but also because of the water crisis and drought. In fact, in the last period there has been an increase in the prices of clams and mussels and at the same time a reduction in their production. Climate change and high temperatures even of the water have not a allowed a good water exchange causing a death of these shellfish.

Fish in addition to steep price increases could even decline in fishmongers and supermarkets, even refrigerated fish. Experts estimate that this blockade of fleet activities could last until mid-September.

Animal feed :

Animal feed supplies start to have an increase in prices: The explosion of costs and the crisis in feed supplies from abroad is forcing farmers to start rationing feed. On cattle farms, for example, they will replace flour with hay because corn is starting to become scarce and has touched crazy prices. We are facing a real risk of not being able to guarantee livestock feed.

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