Surprising Homemade Wood Floor Cleaners that Work

Floors always confront us with so many questions about what the best methods are to always have them perfect and especially not to stain them. Unfortunately, there are some types of floors that you just have to look at them to have unremovable stains, so you have to distinguish well all materials. Today we will see together how to have mirror-like shiny floors using natural remedies!

Stoneware and ceramic floors

Let’s start with stoneware and ceramic floors which have a nice basic shine, but can remain dull after a wrong washing. What you will need to do is to use nothing but a little apple cider vinegar, which is perfect for not weighing down this material and making it shiny right away. So, fill the bucket with lukewarm water and pour half a glass of vinegar inside. Move on to washing by first wetting with a good amount of water and then proceeding with drying. In this case use a microfiber cloth and the floor will be a mirror!

Wood and parquet floors

Wood and parquet floors are among the most difficult to treat as they can easily get smudged, and it only takes nothing to see stains. Let’s start with the premise that it is always a good idea not to get the wood too wet because water will engage under the tiles, damaging them. So, to polish daily, simply wipe a wool cloth vigorously over the floor. Then when washing is needed, fill the bucket and simply put in 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Dry thoroughly, and when completely dry, always wipe with the wool cloth.

Marble floors

Similar to wood floors, marble also has its large component of delicacy that make it one of the most difficult materials to treat. However, having it shiny is not at all impossible, not least because already basic marble has a characteristic shine! You will need to mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of organic soap until a smooth, foamy mixture is obtained. Then pour 1 tablespoon of the resulting product into the bucket and use it to wash and polish the wooden floor, you will see what a result! Did you know. Again, passing an old sponge sock or wool cloth is a perfect trick to further polish the wood!

Terracotta floors

Let’s finish the methods for getting mirror-like shiny floors with terracotta floors! This one is not too difficult to treat unlike the ones seen above, you only need to use one ingredient.mWhat am I talking about? Simple, our dear apple cider vinegar, which we have also encountered for stoneware and ceramic floors. Half a cup of the product in the bucket will be all you need to refresh and make this floor super shiny! Alternatively, you can also use other types of vinegar, but apple vinegar possesses a more pleasant smell and has a color specifically designed to bring out the natural color of terracotta.


We always recommend trying the indicated remedies in unseen corners to make sure you don’t damage the floor.

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