Tea bag in the toilet, flush it before going to sleep, the next morning enjoy the result

The place in the house that always needs to be rigorously disinfected is the bathroom. Cleanliness in the bathroom is clearly a reflection of our personal hygiene. To get rid of bad smells, eliminate germs and bacteria and scrub the toilet, there are various effective chemical products in the shops.

But are chemical products the right solutions for our needs? Wouldn’t it be better to use products that are effective but also strictly natural? We will now look at some household remedies to use.

As time goes by, chemical products can damage our health, and this is exactly where grandmother’s classic solutions come into play. Grandmother’s solutions have always been natural household remedies that were passed down from generation to generation. In fact, in order to sanitize the toilet, we can use salt, baking soda, vinegar, and citric acid. These ingredients are the best to make the WC shipshape.

But besides these solutions, there is also another remedy that you certainly wouldn’t expect. Another effective ingredient to make the bathroom perfect is tea.

Or rather, to be more precise, you need to use completely normal tea bags.

How to use tea bags correctly. It will be very easy and within everyone’s reach. Try it and believe it!

Using tea bags is truly child’s play. You simply need to put your bag into the toilet and leave it there the whole night free to act undisturbed.

The next morning, it is enough to clean thoroughly with the help of the toilet brush, using it under the edges and on the internal part. After a few minutes, using this extremely easy method, we will manage to obtain less limy water and the sides of the toilet will be perfectly disinfected.

The secret to cleaning the house well is to trust in the secret solutions of our grandmothers.

You will be left pleasantly surprised.

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