The Best Roach Killer, super effective DIY method!

In summer you have to deal with a lot of insects, and unfortunately cockroaches are not an exception. Cockroaches are definitely antigenic and if we see them in the house it is good to take a cover

Due to their speed they can infest any apartment in search of food.

In what ways do cockroaches harm us?

Carriers of diseases, cockroaches are constantly looking for food. That is why once they enter the home they infest the food, which, of course, becomes impossible to eat. But exactly what are cockroaches?

These insects are blattoids that live mainly in meadows and forests. It is possible to see a cockroach anywhere in the world, but, fearing the cold, these insects do not exceed 2,000 meters in altitude. Cockroaches are divided into 4 families and only one of them is used to infest apartments in search of food.

What should be done to keep these insects away?

Obviously, the house must be well cleaned, and pantry and kitchen cabinets are no exception. To keep them away, we need to place crumbled bay leaves in the places where they might nest. The smell of laurel is unbearable to cockroaches and this will keep them away.

The magnificent effective DIY cockroach trap you make in a minute!

If we do not want to use chemicals, we have two options to choose from.

Solution number 1:

. We can drive them away, without killing them, by using a simple bottle. You have to insert pieces of fruit into the bottle (a nice ripe banana peel is ideal) or slices of onion (what you insert must have a strong smell). After that, you have to smear Vaseline on the rim: this way we will attract the cockroaches and trap them.

Solution number 2:

If we want to eliminate these insects permanently, we have to pour sugar and baking soda in equal parts into a dish. The sugar will attract the cockroaches and the baking soda will kill them as if it were an acid. we place our saucer in the infested spots and wait.

At this point we have all the tools to keep cockroaches away from us naturally.

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