The correct way to hang out your laundry: this way you can say goodbye to the iron

Summer has just begun and at the mere thought of ironing we already feel sweaty and tired. Having an iron in your hand when the heatwave outside gives no respite is a real torture. If there are a lot of laundry, it becomes a real nightmare. But don’t be alarmed, because just use a special method to solve this problem.

The correct way to hang out your laundry: this way you can say goodbye to the iron

The first expedient, you must have, is adjusting the temperature of the washing machine, as the higher it is the more wrinkled the clothes will be and ironing will be a must. Clothes that will need high temperatures, however, you will have to iron them. The second caution is to set a spin cycle with too many revolutions, which will wrinkle the cloths a lot. Prefer fewer turns and the cloths will definitely be less wrinkled.

Wrinkling is also different depending on the type of fabric you are dealing with. Therefore, it is always best to prefer cotton and jersey. There are fabrics on the market, for example for shirts, that do not need ironing; if you prefer them when you shop, you can then benefit from this feature. Polyester, on the other hand, should be avoided as much as possible because it wrinkles so much.

Laying out cloths the right way

First, when you lay out your cloths, you must take into account how long the washing machine finishes its wash cycle. Do not leave them in the drum for a long time, but take them out immediately and lay them out. But what is the right way to do? Well, in ancient times, cloths, before they were hung out, were beaten.

Women would go to the river or the wash house and beat the cloths. This flapping was to make them less wrinkled, a kind of pre-stretching. Also be very careful where you put the clothespins. Always look for spots on the clothes that are out of sight, such as seams and armpits. To be even easier, you need to lay the clothes inside out.

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