The secret to super soft towels: Put this ingredient in the washing machine

If you still don’t know the best way to wash towels so that they are as perfect as when you just bought them, this article will explain how to do it so that they are soft and clean.

Super soft towels, put this ingredient in the washing machine

To have towels that are always soft and well sanitized, you should always keep these recommendations in mind.

  1. Do not use too much fabric softener. Although the word comes from soft, it does not mean that towels will be softer. If you do use it, use it sparingly. Avoid washing towels with bleach; it is too harsh product and will ruin clothes quickly.
  2. Vinegar and baking soda. For proper softness of your towels, you can pour a little baking soda mixed with vinegar into the drum or tub where the detergent goes. For washing, you should always keep the temperature moderate.
  3. Do not overfill the washing machine. Towels should have space inside the drum so that they can be washed well and also to reduce friction between them during washing.
  4. Temperature for washing towels: with a water temperature of 104ºF, stains, germs and bacteria are removed much better from towels. Even if the towels are of a more delicate fabric, it will be advisable to use cold water programs. A temperature of 140°F is ideal for white towels, and 104°F is ideal for darker towels to prevent discoloration.
  5. Stretch the towel for proper drying. When you need to lay out towels, it is preferable to stretch them completely so that they regain their original shape. Also, it is preferable to do this in a ventilated place where there is no direct sun. Nor should they be dried for a long time to prevent them from becoming stiff.

To get softer towels, we recommend drying them in a dryer at low temperatures. Our trick? Put the laundry in the dryer, along with a tennis ball for extra softness, this way you’ll be able to stop the effect of friction between the towels. Don’t have a dryer? Nothing happens! It’s even better to hang them outdoors and always try to shake them well to remove excess moisture.

Soft, clean towels: use these 2 ingredients you have in your kitchen

  1. Vinegar. In the specific case of white towels, you can use homemade products whose power will surprise you. We invite you to try white vinegar, which is a great help in keeping your towels soft and clean, with its maximum absorbency and no bad odor. The ideal ratio is half a cup of vinegar for every quarter cup of detergent. Schedule a cycle with cold water and dry in the sun.
  2. Baking soda. The ideal is to soak towels in baking soda for an hour. Baking soda does not directly bleach the towels, but it helps in this process during washing. Baking soda helps prevent limescale in the water from settling on the clothes, making it easier for the soaps to penetrate the fibers and fabric of the towel. They will be softer and keep the color alive.

You can also use these 2 products together for added softness and bleaching and sanitizing action on towels. Simply mix them together and add them to the washing machine compartments.

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