The Trick of the Clever Housewives to Avoid Frost in the Freezer

Indispensable in the kitchen, aluminum foil is a very versatile tool that can be used for various purposes: Cooking dishes in the oven, keeping food open, keeping food warm, wrapping sandwiches, etc. But it can also solve a common problem in refrigerators and freezers. As you know, frost does a lot of damage to these appliances. So frequent defrosting is essential to maintain good hygiene and preserve their life. With a few leaves you can quickly solve this problem. Quickly discover this trick!

Why put aluminum foil in the refrigerator?

To avoid all sorts of inconveniences, it is important to maintain and clean your appliances regularly. Defrosting, of course, is part of it. And this is no small matter. In terms of the freezer, this process must be done regularly, but it requires time and a lot of effort. For this reason, many people shy away from the task. Defrosting the refrigerator is also important, as it ensures better preservation of food and guarantees lower electricity consumption.

But how can aluminum foil make your work easier? The reason is closely related to food preservation. Thanks to the foils, you can easily protect your food from frost. If the latter forms in the refrigerator, it means that too much moisture has turned into ice. From then on, the food will not be preserved effectively and will spoil. To prevent this problem, simply wrap a few leaves around the foods most likely to be affected by frost before placing them in the refrigerator. This simple gesture allows light to reflect energy. In this way, an ideal temperature is maintained, favoring a longer shelf life of the food.

NB: This trick must be done especially for foods that are in the upper part of the refrigerator, i.e most exposed to light.

Good to know : How often should the refrigerator be defrosted ? Older models should be defrosted every two months or more often if needed. Newer, modern refrigerators do not need to be defrosted as often, but it is important to clean them at least twice a month.

How do I use aluminum foil in the freezer?

If too much frost forms in the freezer, you need to defrost it quickly. Therefore, it would be ideal to empty it to defrost it perfectly to remove all the irritating blocks of ice. To precisely avoid the accumulation of ice , it is advisable to then cover the walls of your freezer with aluminum foil to form a protective layer over the entire surface . In this way, the excess ice will only stick to the paper.

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