There is a button hidden behind your iPhone, do you know its usefulness?

Apple is constantly developing new features for its products. The brand constantly offers new innovative technologies for its often-dazzled users. The American giant offers so many new features that iPhone owners don’t always realize the secrets of their smartphone. This new feature, introduced with the latest update of the iOS operating system, is so amazing that no one noticed it. Discover the hidden shortcut that the iPhone manufacturer has added to your smartphone. This option will save you time when accessing the various functions of your phone.

What is behind this button on the back of your iPhone?

This new feature could help you handle your iPhone better.  Apple gives its users the choice to configure it the way they want, allowing them to access their phone’s content faster and more intuitively. Apple has thought of everything by making iPhone more accessible to all with access to personalization by preference. Discover the secret shortcut hidden on the back of your iPhone

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