Ticks: Natural product to eliminate them from your animals and home

Due to the presence of our four-legged friends, it may happen to find ticks in the garden.

The problem is that these pesky animals are dangerous to humans and can infest indoor environments in no time. Here are some useful tips for getting rid of them.

Ticks in the garden: useful information

When we talk about ticks, we must keep in mind that we are dealing with many different species. The most common species belong to the ixodid category: these have a hard, resistant central body. Others, however, have a softer body. The former have a spider-like body, while the latter are larger. They are also very dangerous animals for humans as they can transmit various types of viruses and bacteria: these can even cause Lyme disease.

For the reasons mentioned above, it would be advisable to pest control the rooms periodically, especially if we have animals such as dogs or cats. These insects can easily hide in tall grass and then attack four-legged animals such as those mentioned above.

Keep in mind that outdoor pest control is quite different from indoor pest control. Typically, the latter involves treating fabrics such as those on sofas and beds. Did you know that you could take advantage of a little trick to avoid calling specialized firms? Let’s see which one.

Ticks in the garden: drive them away with natural products

Pest control that is not based on the use of chemicals, but on natural ones, can be beneficial for many reasons. It is less expensive and it allows not to affect the flora present, as well as the “fauna.” “Organic” pest control simply deals with killing germs and bacteria, as well as ticks, present.

Products such as flowers can be used, or nitrogen that acts at a temperature of 302°F As for natural products, we can opt for citronella, or perhaps apple cider vinegar or geraniums. Mint essential oil is also particularly effective.

These are all products capable of warding off ticks because of their strong odor, and most importantly, they prevent their possible reappearance. Lemongrass leaves, especially, are really useful. By combining them with an essential oil, they are able to ward off all unwanted guests, and when applied to pets’ collars they can keep parasites away.

Some veterinarians even recommend specific shampoos for the dog with citronella and aloe vera products. These are very effective and also help ensure soft hair for the dog.

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