Tin foil, wrap your silverware in it, and then you will get amazing result

Did you know that tin foil can be useful in so many other ways besides cooking?

Among them, we find the ability to polish silver. Not everyone is aware of this product’s ability to give extreme shine to silverware. The present article will shed some light on this.

Why does silver darken?

Have you ever wondered why silverware darkens? There are several reasons: for example, in contact with seawater silver loses its luster, but also in direct and continuous contact with the skin. Most likely, in some cases, dark specks will show up.

There are, however, effective and simple methods, especially inexpensive ones, that can be helpful in returning silver to its former state. One of these takes advantage of the use of tin foil.

Perfect silver with tinfoil

To achieve perfect silverware, no matter what, you can take advantage of the use of tin foil. For example, you may often notice how the silverware we use for eating darkens. Well, by using this “grandma’s” trick we will get amazing results.

Just take a bowl large enough to hold the silver we want to treat-let’s opt for hard plastic, since we would have to pour boiling water into it. Let’s line the entire bottom of the bowl with tinfoil, be careful to place the shiny part upward.

We then lay the silverware on top and cover the whole thing with fine salt. At this point, we pour boiling water over it and cover the salt. At this stage, we must be careful not to burn ourselves.

Once we get to this point, then we should wait a few hours for the water and all the other elements to interact with each other. What will happen? That oxidation will be virtually eliminated. Remember to wait at least 4-5 hours to get a proper result. Next, take out the silverware, making sure not to scald yourself, and rinse it thoroughly. The silverware will be as good as new again!

Another trick

There is, however, another very interesting trick. This one involves the use of natural  soap. We place the silverware in a container with 3 tablespoons of the above soap and some water. We will immediately notice how the silverware will be shiny again.

Some people, however, opt to use toothpaste. How is this done? With a small brush, on which a small amount of toothpaste is placed, and gently rubbing on the silverware. Important to rinse as best you can afterwards. This can be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Try one or more of these tricks and let us know if you have achieved the goal! Your silverware will become as shiny as ever: try it to believe!

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