Tips To Make Your Bathroom Smell Good All the Time

There is no doubt about the fact that the area of the house we would like to see constantly clean and fragrant is the bathroom! Walking in and smelling fresh is a comforting feeling, especially when we want to take a hot bath or shower. To spread a great smell there are many different tricks, but there are a few that can simultaneously scent the toilet and the rest of the bathroom! In fact, today I’m going to tell you about natural remedies in the toilet that you can’t help but use!

  • Lemon Juice Trick

The lemon juice trick is very quick and practical, plus it is ideal when you want a fresh scent in the bathroom! Citrus fruits, in fact, are our best allies in the home, and some people choose them not only to perfume, but also to clean every nook and cranny. Fill a bucket with very hot water and add the juice of 2 Lemons. To avoid waste, you can use somewhat older lemons, which will still smell good and citrusy. At this point, very gently and without scalding yourself, pour the bucket into the toilet and you will immediately smell all the lemon scent in the bathroom! These methods are especially good in the evening, when the toilet is not being used, so you will have a chance to let the remedy work and give it just enough time to spread all its scent in the room.

  • Scented salt

A scented bath salt is also a perfect method when you want to spread a good scent! All you will need to do is get some coarse salt, an ingredient that is useful not only in cooking, but also for cleaning the bathroom and removing stubborn scale buildup. Put 3 tablespoons of coarse salt in a small bowl and then pour in 7 to 8 drops of an essential oil of your choice, stir until the salt has completely absorbed the oil. At this point, pour it all into the toilet and leave overnight. This way, not only will the bathroom smell great, but any bad odors from the drains will also go away!

  • DIY scented bombs

One of the most beloved methods of getting a wonderful smell in the bathroom are DIY scented bombs! If you have never tried making them, I recommend you start now!


  • ½ of baking soda
  • 2 ounces of citric acid
  • half a tablespoon of dish detergent (I suggest one with a simple and, above all, environmentally friendly composition)
  • silicone ice molds
  • 7 drops of essential oil

First take a bowl and pour in the citric acid and baking soda, mix the two ingredients a bit to make them into one powder. Next, add the dish detergent and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon, you should get a kind of “wet sand.” Now complete the mixture by also pouring in the essential oil drops and that’s it! Spread the mixture in the silicone molds and leave it away from heat sources and in the shade for about 4 hours. Take out the cubes and there you have great bath bombs! Just put them in the toilet and you’ll get that “fizzy” reaction that will remove the incrustation from the toilet walls and smell great!

  • Scented flakes

Now it’s time to look at the scented flakes method, which is also widely used in other areas of the bathroom! It involves making flakes of bar soap and placing them in a bowl, then adding drops of essential oil of your choice and mixing. At this point, the flakes will be super fragrant, you will then need to flush to moisten the toilet bowl and scatter the flakes on top. Leave it like this overnight, the next day scrub with a broom so that you can clean the inside of the bowl as well, and you will smell an intoxicating scent!

  • Toilet soap

The last trick we are going to look at for scenting the bathroom with remedies in the toilet is the bar of soap! Contrary to what you may be thinking, I am not talking about a solid bar of soap, but yellow soap, which is fantastic in such cases! Take a fairly large piece of yellow soap, lay it out on a flat surface (I recommend tin foil so it doesn’t stick) and pour some baking soda and a few drops of essential oil over it. Then, form a ball by passing it between your hands and stick it to the toilet bowl. This way you will smell and never have bad odors!


Do not use the recommended methods if you have an allergy or hypersensitivity.

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