Tips to Wash Clothes Perfectly in Rainy Days

One of the many problems caused by humidity is not being able to do laundry at any time of the day. In fact, the humidity that is always high, juxtaposed with the weather, cause a jolt in our daily routine. One of the most adopted solutions in this regard is to let laundry dry indoors, but today we will see together when it is best to wash and hang it out so that you always have perfect laundry!

Check the weather.

The first important thing that can help you control the washing situation well is to check the weather. Although there is always a small margin for error, you can get an idea of what the weather might be like in the days ahead and then schedule your washing. Of course, this advice does not always go hand in hand with our needs: we may only have time to do the washing during the afternoon and that is perhaps the time when it is raining. However, having at least the knowledge that there might be rain will not cause you to incur a second wash.

Schedule the washings

We have mentioned how important it is to have a schedule for the various washings so that you do not make too many mistakes and keep your laundry from smelling damp. In addition to checking the weather forecast, technology comes to us with other systems, such as setting the start times of the wash cycle. This way not only can we start it when the weather is favorable, but we are also sure to put a time when the laundry can be hung out without leaving it in the drum for hours on end. The latter is a very common mistake that unfortunately many people keep repeating.


If there is a risk of having moisture on the cloths because the weather outside is not dry, then there must also be changes to the washing itself. Beyond the right programs and temperatures for laundry (which you choose by checking the wash labels), you also need to pay attention to the spin cycle. During wet periods, in fact, it would be preferable to set a few turns so as to dry most of the excess water. Doing so will make it easier to dry clothes once they are laid out.

Natural detergent

Using a natural detergent is one of the best solutions you can take to avoid having cloths “weighed down” by the overly concentrated composition of industrial detergents. Sometimes too much detergent is also used, which then goes on to affect the smell and hardness of the fabric because the excess gets stuck between the fibers. So, prepare a mixture with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 loaf of bar soap dissolved in 2 quarts of water. Each time you wash, fill the tub with this mixture and that’s it!

How to spread

Now let’s move on to how to lay out the laundry well, another factor that should never be underestimated! First of all, prefer breezy times of the day so that drying can be faster, also hang out the laundry away from direct sunlight. Separate the clothes well from each other so that plenty of air can pass through, and do not remove them until you see that even the last drop of water is dry. When the weather is humid you might risk mistaking what are actually still wet cloths for moisture: be careful otherwise they will stink once you put them in the cabinet.

Moisture-absorbing trick

Lastly, let’s look at a trick you can use if the weather forces you to hang cloths indoors! Even in such cases you can fight moisture with some of Grandma’s tricks that are still very effective today. You will need to take a bowl and fill it with coarse or rice salt, place it at the foot of the clothesline and there you have the perfect remedy to say goodbye to humidity!


In order to always have proper washing read the instructions on the labels.

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