Too hot to sleep? 8 Tactics for Being able to Sleep even when it is too Hot

Temperatures are rising and it’s getting harder and harder to get to sleep? Long, hot late nights are one of the least pleasant effects of summer heat, but coping with them is possible. Find out how with our tips.

The long summer nights are not all about wild fun and revelry until dawn. Many, especially when we are not yet on vacation, we spend them tossing and turning in bed waiting for the sleep that never seems to come because of the heat. What to do? Below we discuss eight tricks that will enable you to get long, healthy sleeps even on the sultriest nights of this summer.

A cold shower to start

A great tactic to set your body up for a peaceful night despite the mugginess and thus help your body relax and embrace sleep is definitely to take a nice cold shower before going to bed. A simple gesture that will lower your body temperature and immediately give you a feeling of freshness and relaxation.

Consistent schedules and no to overindulging

Summer is the season for pulling late, precisely because of the heat and difficulty sleeping. Dinner times also shift further ahead, and we often find ourselves at the table that it is already night-time. In fact, all these altered habits only fuel the problem of late nights. Our bodies need their own times to function at their best, and at least three hours should pass between meals and bedtime to allow the digestion process to be activated to its fullest.

In addition, moving forward the time you go to sleep will not help you find lost sleep; on the contrary, lack of regularity will make it worse. So, if you want to have peaceful nights despite the heat, unless you are rightly enjoying your well-deserved vacation, avoid going to bed late at night and try not to overindulge in the evening meal, avoiding binge eating and alcohol.

Choose the right fabrics

In addition to your body, it is also important to prepare your bed to be a cool and cozy bedding. To do this, choose bedding in natural, lightweight fabrics, such as cotton. Of the same fabric, choose your sleepwear.

In hot weather you may think it’s better to sleep without pajamas, but that’s not the case. In fact, a breathable fabric such as cotton protects your body from both cold and heat and is the best way to experience even the hottest nights in the comfort you need to be able to sleep well.

It cools the bed

And here’s a handy trick to try the moment the heat gets really unbearable.

Take the sheets of your bed and the pillowcases of your pillows, stuff them inside a bag and leave them in the refrigerator for a while. Then make your bed and enjoy the joy of relaxing in a very cool and cozy alcove, ready to give you a long and well-deserved restful sleep.

The cold-water bag

If the hot water bottle is the last item, you thought you’d pull out on summer nights, instead she can now come to your rescue. If it has already saved you many times from freezing cold winter nights, why not also use it to survive the heat of the hottest nights of the year? Fill it with ice and put it under your feet, the feeling of relief from the heat will be immediate, try it to believe!

Always keep some water handy

Drink a cool, large glass of water before bedtime and keep water on hand for the night. This is a natural and healthy way to immediately lower your body temperature, and effectively combat the heat and its most harmful effects, such as dehydration and heat stroke that you may be prone to during particularly hot and difficult nights. Having water available at all times will help you cool down at the very moment you need it and help you suffer less from the heat, even at night.

Find the coolest place in the house

If, despite all your attempts, your bed has not turned into the cozy bed you desire for relaxing and enjoying a good night’s sleep, but remains a sort of gridiron on which you have been tossing and turning for hours amid nervousness and sheets drenched in sweat, the solution is to take a walk around the house and find a spot that is actually cooler.

There will be a corner of your apartment that is less exposed to the sun during the day and therefore maintains a lower temperature. Find it and ‘move’ there temporarily to get through the hot night.

Protect yourself from the noises of the night

Sometimes, the enemy to fight on hot summer nights is not only mugginess. Summer is the season when you pull late and on the street’s life ferments until the wee hours. To prevent suffering from the heat and nervousness about not being able to get to sleep from being added to the intolerance of noise and voices from the street, equip yourself with earplugs and try to relax.

The best way to get to sleep is not to focus too much on the fact that you can’t sleep.

Distract yourself, don’t think about the mugginess, the noisy neighbors, the lack of rest, and focus on the fact that, if you survive, it will be your turn to enjoy a nice and well-deserved vacation in this hot season!

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