Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Do you know the ingredient that is always kept around the house, but whose great potential not everyone knows about? Simple, hydrogen peroxide! A very simple element that we forget in the most disparate furniture, not knowing that it is valuable! Among the many things we can use it for, hydrogen peroxide is great in the washing machine to solve many small everyday problems. Let’s take a quick look at  the tricks you didn’t know!

Warning. The hydrogen peroxide I am talking about is the one for household use, that is, at 10 volumes.

Goodbye bad odors

The first little problem you can solve with hydrogen peroxide is saying goodbye to bad odors! When they accumulate, you have to find a remedy immediately because you risk transferring them to your clothes and then having laundry that stinks. So, you need to fill 1 cup of the product and pour it into the drum of the washing machine. Then start a vacuum wash with a temperature of at least 140°F. Once finished, you will notice that the bad smells are gone!

For bleaching

White cloths are always a tough nut to crack because all it takes is nothing for them to become stained or not as white and fresh as we would like. In this regard, hydrogen peroxide is the right solution to take and the reason is very simple: its bleaching property is renowned and it takes away even stubborn stains! So, all you have to do is set up the whole wash as you usually do and then add 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to the detergent tub. You will see what a fantastic result you will get!

Against mildew

Another very common problem in the washing machine is mold, which tends to form from too much moisture. In particular, the affected areas are the porthole and the drawer, the latter of which also suffers from the settling of residues of washing products. Well, know that you can say goodbye to this little problem by first doing a vacuum wash as also indicated for odors, that is, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide at 140°F.

To clean the other pieces you will need to put some of the product on a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, let it act for a while, and then proceed with the cleaning. Remember that, except for vacuum washing, you will have to wash the other pieces with the appliance turned off.

To pre-treat stains

When it happens that, alas, we get stains on that very shirt or pant that we cherish so much there is only one solution: to pre-treat the dirt. To do this step there are many natural ingredients that can help us, among them we undoubtedly find hydrogen peroxide! You will simply have to spread some of the product on the affected area and rub very gently with a cloth. Then put directly into the washing machine and start a wash with programs indicated for that garment. This method can only be used for white cloths.

No more limescale

Earlier we talked about mold, but actually limescale is also quite a problem in the washing machine. Removing it is not impossible, just use effective remedies, and among them I cannot help but recommend our precious hydrogen peroxide! Do an empty wash with 1 cup of the product and a temperature of 140 °F, as we have also seen previously. If you have to intervene manually for more stubborn stains or other areas of the appliance, unplug it and use hydrogen peroxide on a sponge.


I recommend always consulting the washing labels on your clothes before using it. Also remember to use it only for white cloths and to take advantage of 10-volume hydrogen peroxide.

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