Types of Cinnamon, let’s check which one is the best!

Increasingly popular and appreciated, here are all the types of cinnamon available and the characteristics that differentiate them.

Let’s face it, with the course of time we are making more and more use of cinnamon. Like pepper, this spice is also becoming increasingly popular in our kitchens. The reason is quickly stated: with a pinch of the product, it is possible to fill a large selection of dishes with flavor. Perhaps not everyone knows that there are multiple varieties of this spice that are commercially available. Different in origin and characteristics, let’s look at all types of cinnamon and find out which is the best.

Cinnamon types and properties

Let’s start with the most common, which is Cassia cinnamon. This is produced from a plant grown in China and is characterized by a fairly dark color. Predominantly red, its appearance is made up of small gray spots, while its sticks are quite hard and difficult to crumble. It has a very strong aroma because it consists of a high concentration of essential oils. It is the most popular and widely used type, partly because it is very easy to work with.


Widely known is Ceylon cinnamon, also called queen cinnamon. This originates from a plant in the laurel family and is produced in Sri Lanka. With very thin and delicate sticks, it has a lighter color, with shades from red to yellow. Its aroma is very sweet and it is the most prized and expensive type.


The least common variety is Saigon cinnamon, also called Vietnam cinnamon. This has a stronger texture and contains many essential oils. Its main characteristic is its strong aroma, capable of flavoring soups and various dishes. Commonly, it is sold in powder form to make it easier to use.

Advice on which cinnamon to choose

Very important to reiterate is that all types of cinnamon possess benefits. However, there is one that contains more beneficial properties and advantages. We are talking about the Ceylon variety, which, as already anticipated, is also considered the most valuable one. Because of its flavored-but not overly so-and the ease with which it can melt and release its aroma, this type is also the best cinnamon you can find on the market. You can really use it anywhere, from a meat dish to a fantastic apple and cinnamon pie to flavored soups. It is also considered a quality cinnamon because of this versatility.

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