Under Bed Storage Deep Cleaning

Storage beds are becoming a must-have in recent years as they allow for more storage space and store items that remain “hidden” under the bed. Staying hidden, however, is also dust and dirt, which tend to settle inside making cleaning not too easy because of the structure. But do not despair! Today, in fact, we will see together how to remove dust from the container bed and clean it from top to bottom!

Remove the dust

Before proceeding with cleaning the container bed, it is important to empty it and remove excess dust so that it does not harden with water and move from one part of the surface to another. So, let’s look at some tricks to remove it easily!

  • Vacuum cleaner, feather duster and electrostatic cloth

It may sound trivial, yet the most immediate remedies for removing dust are to use dust ruffles, a vacuum cleaner or an electrostatic cloth. If you use the vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you use the special nozzles so that you can also remove dust accumulated in corners. Similarly, run the duster or electrostatic cloth along the entire surface to remove even small dust residues. Of course, please remember to shake the duster and replace the cloth when too full. Don’t forget to also dust the edges of the container bed, which, like the interior, can be affected by a lot of dust.

  • Wool garments

As an alternative to comforters and vacuum cleaners, you can also use garments that can be recycled, such as those made of wool, as they are able to attract dust due to their electrostatic action. Pass, therefore, directly an old wool sweater that you no longer use along the entire surface of the container bed. Then, from time to time, shake it to clean it and to prevent it from transferring further dust into the container bed.

How to clean it

Once we have seen how to remove dust in the container bed, let’s see together how to clean it from top to bottom! Since, usually the surface is made of faux leather, here are some ingredients that can help you!

  • Bar soap

First of all, let’s start with the ingredient known for its ability to stain and remove dirt while not damaging the fabric due to its gentleness: Bar soap

We remind you, in fact, that this ingredient is able to clean a wide variety of surfaces, even the most delicate ones without ruining them. Not surprisingly, it is also used to clean marble! Therefore, dissolve 2 tablespoons of bar soap in 3 cups of water and mix well. After that, use the mixture by wiping it over the surface of the container bed with a microfiber cloth. Finally, dry the surface thoroughly because moisture could promote mold growth in this enclosed environment. This remedy will not only remove dirt but will also impart shine!

  • White vinegar

Another remedy you can definitely try is white vinegar, which has cleaning, degreasing and stain removing properties. All you will need to do is put ¼ cup of white vinegar in a solution with at least 3 cups of water, mix it and soak a cloth. Then, wring it out and run it through the bed container, remembering not to get it too wet. At this point, rinse with a cloth moistened in cold water. When finished, remember to always dry the entire faux leather cover thoroughly. Your bed case will be as good as new, thanks to the polishing properties of white vinegar, which can also polish steel surfaces!

  • Dustproof mix

Finally, let’s look at one last trick for delaying the appearance of dust in your bed box: the DIY anti-dust mix! All you need to do, then, is to pour 2 cups of water, 2 of vinegar, 1 of bar soap and 1 tablespoon of olive oil into a spray bottle and spray, then, the resulting mixture directly on the surface to be cleaned. After that, wipe with a cloth to collect the dirt and dust, and you’re done! This mixture, in fact, will have created a protective patina that can protect the surface from dust!


Always make sure it is faux leather before proceeding with the suggested remedies.

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