Ward off flies without insecticide: discover the jar method

Flies are bothersome and carry germs, but we have discovered how to get rid of these insects effectively, with a simple jar! The sprays sold in shops certainly do their job, but at what cost? Both our pockets and the environment pay a high price! Besides, they make the air hard to breathe and certainly don’t let us enjoy outdoor evenings.

It is better to use a natural method, odorless for us but very powerful for our goal.

You’re curious, right? Let’s start!

Get rid of flies without insecticide: the jar method and other natural treatments:

For this natural fix, you must go to the pantry and grab a bottle of vinegar. Then get some fresh mint leaves and put them into a glass jar. Fill it with vinegar and let the mixture steep for a week. The combination of the two smells, pungent and penetrating for the delicate sense of smell of the insects will be a true deterrent to their presence.

Once the indicated time has passed, filter the liquid and pour it into a spray bottle. Then spray it on the entrance points like windows, doors, and Velux. Pour the rest into another smaller jar and put it in the middle of the table when you have dinners outside. You will not have unwelcome flying guests and you will be able to keep flies away from your meal! Cool, right?

But don’t stop here! There are many more possible combinations to make natural repellents: for example, you can mix garlic and vinegar for a very potent solution. It should only be used outside, however, because in this case, the pungent, acrid smell is not pleasant to our noses either.

But if you prefer a more pleasant scent, decorate a good organic lemon with cloves and place it in plain sight over your table, being careful to avoid the marble surfaces which it could stain.

Even a saucer filled with water and peppercorns will help you avoid having flies flitting about while you are eating or resting, enjoying the present summer air.

Finally, don’t overlook the fact that basil has renowned insect-repelling properties. A few plants here and there will keep you safe from their invasion.

See? Nature gives us everything we need to defend ourselves without pollutants.

Give it a try!

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