Washing machine, throw in some aluminum balls. Never had laundry like that!

Aluminum is a material that has multiple uses such as preserving food, cooking or dyeing hair. On the Internet we can find many videos and articles with amazing ideas. Another use is that it can also be utilized for the washing machine. Yes, it is a perfect material for doing laundry.

The great benefits of aluminum are the result of its chemical composition, as it is extracted from a material called bauxite, a sedimentary rock that is the main source for aluminum production. It is a very flexible material and an excellent conductor of heat.

It provides such complete insulation that it fights light, moisture and gases, advantages that make it the essential material for storing many objects, mainly food. It also does not allow odors to spread.

Washing machine, throw in some aluminum balls. Never had laundry like that!

There are so many benefits and applications of aluminum, and tar these is to put balls of this material in the washing machine to do laundry. When we wash our clothes in the washing machine, a certain amount of electrical charge is released which damages the clothes. Therefore, with each wash the fabric wears out more and hardens.

The solution to this problem is to add small balls of foil to each wash. This will ensure that the aluminum absorbs all the electrical energy that is released with each wash, preventing the clothes from being damaged. In addition, the aluminum balls in the washing machine facilitate mechanical movement, so they make it work better. We tell you step by step how to use this easy and inexpensive method so that your clothes will last longer.

Step 1:

Put the clothes you want to wash inside the washing machine.

Step 2:

Add the products we usually use to do laundry: soap, fabric softener, etc.

Step 3:

Prepare three balls with aluminum foil the size of a golf ball.

Step 4:

Place the three balls inside the washing machine along with the clothes before closing the door.

Step 5:

Enter the correct wash program and start.

With a few simple steps you can increase the life of your clothes. It is recommended whether with or without aluminum balls, that the washing machine should never be overloaded: too many clothes in the washer will not ensure a good wash.

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