Watering plants: now is the right time if you want them lush and healthy!

How many times have you wondered what is the right time to water your plants? The current article will answer this question.

In short, we do it a little when it happens. And we get it wrong! Yes, because if we do not count on an automatic watering system, we should still act at specific times of the day for the health of our greenery.

While it is true that every shrub, every flower, every fruit has different needs, so too is the fact that the main characteristic shared by all living things, and therefore also by vegetables, is the need for water and sunshine, liquids and light.

Knowing the ideal way to hydrate them will make all the difference!

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Watering plants: now is the right time if you want them lush and healthy!

Consider that the sun goes to evaporate fluids, and we know this well. We only have to look at our rivers, our lakes in this period of devastating drought to see that.

It is obvious that if we water our plants in the hottest hours, when the irradiance is at its zenith, then the operation is almost useless. The water we give them will dissolve in the air quickly, the heat will negate our effort, because, let’s face it, it is a strenuous activity!

Here, then, that it becomes apparent that the best hours to do it are in the morning until 10 a.m. and in the evening after sunset.

If you have a way to proceed at dawn or shortly after, you will ensure a double benefit to your greenery, because in addition to the liquid and nutrients in the soil, it will be able to enjoy the sun’s rays.

When you water them in the middle of the day, on the other hand, you expose them to heat shock, which is unnecessary, since the water will evaporate quickly.

Postpone, rather, until after the sun goes down, but do not exceed the quantity and if you can, use rainwater or light water without too much lime. And you will enjoy lush greenery!

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