Ways in Which Air Conditioning Water Can be Recycled

As we all know, during the function of conditioners, they release condensation water that we usually throw away, not knowing that it can be reused! Although not potable, this condensate water can be useful to us in some situations, so we avoid waste.

Here are all the useful tips for reusing air conditioner water!

Many people believe that air conditioner water cannot be used because it may contain harmful substances. But this is not really the case. Air conditioner water is not a distilled water because it is not as pure as the latter. Likewise, it is not a demineralized water! It is actually condensation moisture, obtained from the air undergoing a cooling process. Although it is not potable, it can serve us on many occasions if:

  • There is no damage to the cooling system or air conditioner components that would alter its purity,
  • No chemical cleaners have been used that have not yet been disposed of by the machine.

In addition, being purer than rainwater, condensate water can also be stored in very large bottles or containers for some time. In short, if your air conditioner is working perfectly, the water can be reused. Let’s see how!

For the iron

When we use plain tap water for ironing, the evaporation process required for this household chore can ruin our iron. Water is indeed very rich in limestone. When the appliance produces steam, lime scale residue settles in the boiler and plate holes and over time can clog the iron to the point of impairing its functionality. This is why we can safely use water from the air conditioner. Since it is lime scale-free, it will not only help us with ironing but at the same time give our iron a longer life!

For plants

Water from the air conditioner also can be reused for occasional watering of certain types of plants, thanks to the absence of chlorine. Here are the plants that can be watered with condensation water:

  • succulents
  • camellias
  • hydrangeas
  • azaleas
  • gardenias

You can also use the water from the conditioner to dissolve or dilute any natural fertilizers and manures. If you wish, you can put some of the water in a sprayer and spray it on the leaves. Since it has no lime scale, no halo will be left on the foliage.

For the machine

Water from the air conditioner can also be reused in other ways! Like, for example, to clean and take care of your car! You can simply use it to wash the car without leaving any haloes. Or keep your windows clean by tucking in the windshield wiper or radiator tray. Since it is lime scale-free, occlusions or deterioration of car accessories will be limited.


For laundry

There are some items that need to be washed by hand. So, think about how much water we waste filling basins and tubs. That is why it is possible to reuse condensation water for laundry. Also, there are those who use this water to dissolve Marseille Soap and make a very useful liquid soap for hand laundry.

Washing hair

One of the problems we can usually encounter is when we wash our hair. In fact, because of the limescale in tap water, after shampoos, hair looks dull, frizzy, lackluster and tends to get dirty easily. That’s why we can use conditioner water to give hair back the shine it needs.


Please note that it is very important to make sure that there is no damage to the cooling system, that the filters have been cleaned, and that the conditioner does not have any chemical detergent residue that may remain in the condensation water.

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