Tulsi leaves bubbled in water, alongside cardamom is said to cut down fever.

Tulsi is an antiseptic and sanitizer and is said to safeguard human body from a wide range of contaminations.

Tulsi with honey and ginger is a compelling cure against bronchitis, asthma, flu and cold.

At the point when eaten while starving, it is said to eliminate kidney stones.

it additionally lessens blood cholesterol levels. Tulsi contains L-ascorbic acid and other enemies of oxidants, for example, eugenol which shields the heart from unsafe impacts of free revolutionaries.

Tulsi battles with awful breath, pyorrhoea and depressions and other dental issues.

Tulsi was generally utilized as a solution for night visual deficiency.

Tulsi rummages free extremists in the body, so an enormous gathering of scientists accept that it can possibly battle malignant growth.