Your skin is comprised of three lay足ers. The epi足der足mis, which is the most out足er lay足er of the skin, the der足mis which is the mid足dle lay足er. What's more, the sub足cu足ta足neous lay足er which is the inward most layer.

Your skin is the biggest organ of the body. It weighs approx足i足mate足ly 8lbs.

The aver足age individual has 21 sq. ft. of skin and around 300 mil足lion skin cells.

Col足la足gen is what deter足mines the way that smooth your skin is. Exer足cise increas足es blood stream of nutri足ents and water to the skin's sur足face, mak足ing col足la足gen thicker.

Your skin reestablishes itself like clockwork. As you age, your skin takes more time to reestablish. That is the reason it is rec足om足mend足ed that you exfo足li足ate and sup足ple足ment your skin's renew足al cycle with micro足der足mabra足sion, derma足plan足ing and strips.

Caf足feine, nico足tine and alco足hol con足strict blood ves足sels and pre足vent nutri足ents from feed足ing the skin, there足fore speed足ing up the maturing system.

Hitting the hay with make足up on can mature your skin up to sev足en times quicker than nor足mal. Tox足ins and pol足lu足tants stay on the skin in the event that you don't purify every evening. So don't for足get to daily clean up!

Skin col足or is brought about by melanin which likewise pro足tects from UV beams.