Why Always keep Toilet Paper in the Closet? The Effective Solution to a Common Problem

Unfortunately, if closets and dressers are not aired regularly, over time they become subject to exposure to moisture and bad odors. If your clothes are not dried properly or if they are left at the bottom of a shelf or drawer, mold will do its work. Even after thorough cleaning, these areas can still smell musty. Result: it soaks into the clothes and is always very unpleasant when getting dressed. Instead of multiple washes and odds and ends, we have a few tricks that will save you all the trouble. Here they are!

How to perfume the closet with toilet paper trick?

The problem of unpleasant odors that often invade your wardrobe has several reasons. The main cause is the storage of unused fabrics, such as very old clothes, old towels and rarely used bedding. All it takes is poor air circulation for mold to grow in your closet. And this musty smell is especially annoying because it can be picked up by other items, sometimes even new or freshly washed clothes. Another common reason for the musty smell is an overcrowded closet. The more it’s suffocating, the more the air doesn’t circulate, and the more mold settles there. So, consider sorting it out to keep it from getting too cluttered. And most importantly, air it out every now and then, at least for a few minutes.

Remember that clothes like jeans or coarse wool sweaters that don’t need to be washed after a single wear shouldn’t be put in the closet right away. Hang them on a hanger to evaporate the odors. After that, feel free to keep them in their place. Finally, since hot air is more humid than cold air, it is advisable not to increase the temperature in the room to avoid the phenomenon of condensation: High humidity systematically leads to the formation of mold. This can directly affect your dressers and wardrobes. Also, in winter, do not let the bedroom get too hot. Try to keep the temperature at 67 °F. And to overcome the problem of humidity, always remember to ventilate the room by opening the window for a few minutes early in the morning or quite late in the evening.

To avoid this problem, there are simple and effective solutions. Admittedly, many people often turn their attention to commercial products such as moisture-wicking silica gel bags. Apart from the fact that this option is not always the best: these accessories can be harmful for sensitive or allergic people. In particular, they can cause eye or skin irritation. Therefore, it would be useful to find less restrictive methods.

It may seem strange or surprising to you, but our first tip includes a very popular everyday product: the toilet paper roll

You are suddenly very intrigued. Surely you are wondering how a simple and ordinary roll of toilet paper could make the bad smell in your closet disappear? Just choose a scented one or sprinkle it with a few drops of essential oil to deodorize the place and neutralize the bad smells that remain in the closet. Place it in a small visible corner and you will notice that it gives off a delicately scented veil. It will therefore act as a perfect deodorant and your clothes will be protected.

Other tips to deodorize your closet

In stores, you have the opportunity to buy many types of sachets, diffusers and other special items that can give your wardrobe a pleasant scent. However, if you don’t want to spend too much, there are some great alternatives you can use to get rid of that musty smell.

Install an open perfume bottle (which is already in full swing and you don’t use it anymore!) or a small bottle of essential oil. Which will largely freshen up the inside of the closet. Slices of dried citrus, dried lavender flowers or a tea bag (enriched with a few drops of essential oil) are also very effective in deodorizing the room.

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